Sunday, September 5, 2010

118 (+ 1.3 LDW)

This is going to be super quick. LD, typical menu depends on the scale. When I'm closer to LDW or under, my diet is a balance of lean protein, veggies, full fat dressings, half n half with my coffee, and fruit. When I'm higher, it's P3 style eating to keep it in control. I've had burgers and pizza very periodically, but I don't deny myself that if I want it. Hope that helps! Thank you for ALWAYS being in my corner. Love you!

Please, please, please, PLEASE watch the following video and pass it on and on and on and on (post this on facebook, on your own blog, send to your contact lists, etc.). I am a wreck after watching "The Cove" and need to do all I can to help.

Much love to you.


lavenderdiva said...

Hmmm. It sounds like you stick to a pretty straight-forward menu. I think part of my problem is that I am going for Chicken Marsala, Meat Loaf, Chicken Divan, etc. Not poached salmon, steamed veggies and those sorts of meals. I don't know if I can do 'clean' sort of eating like poached salmon for ever and ever. I like the other stuff. I just don't know how to enjoy the things I like, and keep my weight down.

I had trouble watching 'The Cove', as I am a HUGE animal lover, and it was just too difficult to get through. I cried and cried. Thank you for helping get the word out-

yes, always in your corner, and love you back!

helderheid said...

LD, I think I have an advantage in that I found I could at least maintain my weight if I ate primarily low carb (this years before I discovered HCG - I was obese, but at least no longer gaining while on thyroid meds and doing low carb). I have had years of programming myself to that diet. I eat burgers, pizza, sandwiches, etc., about once a week. It's a treat and nothing I indulge in every day. I think that's the trick.

I shouldn't have watched the cove. I didn't know they were going to show the actual killings, nor did I know I'd hear the screams, which will haunt me until I die. I hope those who are strong enough to watch it will, and those who can only stomach the PSA I posted will at least sign the petition and forward that PSA. I am still crying on and off.

Love you so!

lavenderdiva said...

I did learn to make the chicken marsala with coconut flour instead of white flour, so at least that was a better choice, and even Mr. ld loves it that way. I just don't eat it with pasta. If we do have pasta, we have gotten hooked on Dreamfield's low-carb pasta, for anything we eat that has pasta in it. It's usually only 5 carbs a serving, which is do-able. I guess I have to get back to that way of eating, if I have a chance in hell of getting this weight off, and keeping it off. I'm just scared that I can't REALLY change my mindset.

I am trying to get my mind ready to start another round, possibly later this week, or early next. Mr. ld has a restaurant he wants to go to before I start this round, so that means its more likely that I'd start next week, and load over the weekend. My body is more than ready, as it just can't stand all this extra weight I'm now carrying around again. BUT. My mind really loves eating and eating lots of stuff that are bad for me! arrrrghhhh. I don't want to start another round, and my head not be in it, and then start craving shit that I can't resist. But I can't keep growing either!