Wednesday, September 8, 2010

118.7 (+2 LDW) -- 6 months. Ah-ha.

I have pinpointed a pattern. 6 months after a round, I become highly carb sensitive again. This has happened after every round at the 6 month post HCG mark. I was contemplating the fact that I've been struggling lately to stay in my range and realized it's been 6 months since I ended my last round.

I hadn't planned on starting another round until after the holidays, and planned to do so once a year at that time. It's obvious to me now that I need to plan on twice a year.

I have a friend in town who lives in Switzerland (and married to my hubby's best friend). I don't want to be on the VLCDs while she's here. I plan on starting the end of September for a 23 day round. I've also decided to go for only 1 load day. I think at this weight, not wanting to lose, 1 load day is sufficient. I hope so. I'll certainly let you know. So, 1 load day, 22 days VLCD (which I will allow myself up to1000 calories after losing the load weight).

I officially start my job Friday! I'm very excited. I'll bring my laptop to work so I can blog from there ;) .

Good news? My 4s are loose despite the weight. Bad news, this means more shopping! GAH! :)

Thanks again for all your love and support.


Edited to add - the Full Moon is the 23rd of September. I have a wedding to go to on the 24th! 24th start and LOAD DAY!


Anonymous said...

Can I talk you into giving more thought to doing two load days? Remember it takes 72 hours for HCG to enter/leave your system. I don't want to see you dealing with hunger issues! You could try loading with a P3 style menu. You shouldn't see a big jump on the scale.

Good luck with the new job!

Jen Payne said...

First off, I am with AR on the loading issue. Maybe consider that. Second, I am happy that you will be with me for the end of my round :) I wish we could figure out why it is doing that at 6 months??? Either way congrats on starting the new job! You will a great help to so many. Where are you working? Is it a doctors office or HCG clinic?

Nick and Meg said...

We'll be doing this round together, it looks like, I'm starting my next round on Sept 23--with 2 load days. ;-) I'm planning on 33 VLCD's. Good luck to us both!!! :-)

lavenderdiva said...

I agree with AR and Jen P: please reconsider your loading day/s and go to 2 days. Even though you may gain a bit more weight, that shouldn't frighten you. It will come off very quickly, and in the long run, you will not be struggling with hunger, and it will be much healthier for you.

As to the carb-sensitivity: on P2, are you good about eating your grissini every day? I know that some people have developed a carb sensitivity by not eating the grissini in full, allowed portion, or at all. Eliminating it has lead to a carb sensitivity.

I'm VERY excited for you for you new adventure tomorrow! I can't wait to hear how your first day goes!!

love you!