Thursday, September 16, 2010

119.6 (2.8+ LDW)

Sorry it's been so long. I am overwhelmed with work and a house that is a disaster. I tend to stop in my tracks when I'm overwhelmed. Fortunately, my husband's best friend will be staying the night tomorrow so I am forced to clean the basement where our guest room and bath are. I'll worry about the rest after that.

Not much to report. I had my doctor's appointment yesterday. My x-ray is clean. We've got an MRI scheduled for Wednesday to rule out an infection, tumor, or hairline fracture that isn't showing on the x-ray. He did tell me if that is clean, that I should just try and relax about it. He's treated a dozen or so women in their 30s that have had this mystery swelling and that it simply cleared up after a couple years. I don't know what to think.

The job is great! My only frustration is that they scheduled HCG consultations while the PA is out of town, and I can't prescribe HCG to them. Most of them are pumped up and ready to go, so it's frustrating. Other than that, I really enjoy working with the clients and the staff very much.

Speaking of work, I need to go get ready for it. Then I need to attack the basement! I am determined to make it sparkly!

I've been reading your blogs. I'm sorry I've not been commenting. Overwhelmed!!! Love to you!


lavenderdiva said...

I'm like you when I'm overwhelmed: I just shut down. I can't focus, and I can't figure out where to start the project. Funny enough, if I'm doing projects for someone else, I am clear and extremely organized. SO. When I get like this about a project for me, I pretend that I'm doing the work for someone else, and it helps me to be very efficient and get the job done.

So glad to hear you had your Dr's appt. The day before my wedding, my feet swelled up to an unimaginable proportion. I could not get my shoes on, in any way. 2 days later, it was gone. It happened once since then, and I still don't know what caused it. I do have high blood pressure, but I don't know how that was related. I hope you get an answer to your foot dilemma very soon.

Congratulations on your new job being the PERFECT fit for you! I just knew it would be! I know your clients are going to love working with you too-

love you-

Kathryn said...

Hi there HH,
Sorry youre feeling overwhelmed but take comfort that I am in the same boat! Things are so crazy busy. Glad to hear that your doctor is investigating. I hope that the answer will present itself to you and you will be given a sign of where to look for it. It is too bad that the PA cant maybe prescribe the hcg via fax to the pharmacy or figure out some sort of solution. But just wanted to say hi and hang in there - things will hopefully get into a more even pace for you soon. hugs to you.