Friday, September 10, 2010

119.1 (+ 2.4 LDW)

I'm very far behind on my blogs. I'm really sorry. I'm trying to juggle my real estate world, family world, and HCG coaching world. I've just not had the time.

I'm doing a steak day today. I still have this hope that maybe I'm wrong about my body and the carb sensitivity. LD, I cut out melba because it caused cravings. Perhaps I will include them next round.

After reading all of your advice, I will do 2 load days, however 1 will be Atkins style and focus on nothing but fat while avoiding carbs and sodium.

Despite the weight, I am wearing more 2s than 4s. I just ordered 4s from JJill that I need to return as they are slightly loose. I find this completely amazing!

Today was my first day flying solo with my new job! I had one no show and one cancellation, so I met with just two clients. I'd met one before during training. The other just started last week and is doing great. All in all, a terrific day. I feel so confident that I will thrive in this new position. Jen, you asked where I'm working and it's Elase Medical Spa. I rotate between Orem, Draper, South Jordan, and Sugarhouse.

I was nervous about today and I think I'm crashing now so I'll close. Thanks again for being in my corner and cheering me on. This is a never ending process! XOXO


Incredible Shrinking Me said...

I definitely feel your pain with the blogging thing HH. I have a weeks worth of posts to catch up on. LOL

I had the same problems with the melba at first too. Well, that and I couldn't stand the taste. Yuck. After I switched to grissini, I was better off, well taste wise. My cravings ended up going away as well, eventually. Sometimes I wasn't even hungry enough to eat the 2 servings. If you eat grissini with mustard, it's like having pretzel sticks. Ü

I am glad to hear that your new job is going so well and that you are really enjoying yourself. Thinking nothing but happy releasing for your steak day!

helderheid said...

I'm back in range! Still higher than I'd like but whatever. :)

How's the move going?? Did you find a good rental?

lavenderdiva said...

Back in range is ALWAYS a good thing! Congratulations! I'm glad the steak days still work for you. For me, they lost their effectiveness in round 2. I think I was doing them too frequently, and my body just became used to them, and didn't give me the results I was hoping for.

It sounds like your life is very busy right now, but in a good way! When do you next go back to work? Do you have a schedule at the clinic yet?

Cutting out the melba because of cravings is a tough one. I totally understand it, but I'm wondering if what you're struggling with now, is a result of it. I just don't know. It could be totally unrelated. Another question I have is do you perhaps have a gluten sensitivity? Have you tried eliminiating gluten-based products, and see how you fare? It may be that your system just can't handle the gluten. I've read of several Hcg'rs that have found this to be true, after doing the protocol. They never knew it before.

So glad to hear that you're going to do 2 loading days. I think your idea of the additional Atkins-style day, is a good one. When are you going to start this round?

love you-