Thursday, September 30, 2010

120.3 - 3.6 above LDW

Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments! I'm feeling the love! *HUGS*

LD - I start loading Sat-Sun and VLCD Monday until the 28th of Oct. which has me in P4 by Nov. 21st. What do you say? Wanna join me?

I love this...


Lis said...

Not sure what my weight is, but given how I am feeling, I am thinking a short round after I get home on Saturday - load Sunday and VLCD on Monday. I am thinking one load day given how I am feeling now - think I have loaded plenty!! So I should be a couple days behind you! LD, are you in???
Hugs to you both, glad you are well Helderheid!!!!

helderheid said...

LIS! I am so excited we get to be HCG buddies again!!!


I'm counting on 2 rounds a year (short). If this is what it takes, I'll take it! I need the pattern interrupt!

Lis said...

I totally understand that!! :) If it works, it works and that is just ok! Glad we can do a round together again!

Love you!