Friday, October 1, 2010

119.7 ( +3 LDW)


Okay, 1 more day before I begin the next round. I'm really sticking as best I can to low carb, even during the loading. I bought avocados, cheese, clam chowder, cheddar soup, steaks, heavy whipping cream, etc., etc.
The fact is, I have never been someone into sugar as it makes me feel instantly ill so I'm really going to avoid the sweet stuff this time. I think that will help with the load weight as well. Last round I gained so much loading I was so physically uncomfortable. I ended up back in the 130s! I really want to avoid only losing load weight if you know what I mean!

Today will be nuts. I need to go shopping with a friend who is throwing a party tonight (Costco - I'll pick up P2 foods while there so I'm totally prepared for Monday), and then I need to go to my daughter's class as she is V.I.P. this week, and I need to tell the class how fantastic and unique she is (that's easy!).

The day is slipping away. Much love and and positive vibes to all y'all!


lavenderdiva said...

Dearest friend, thank you for your encouragement. I have started my first load day today. As you know, I like to do 3 load days, so that means I will be on VLCD 1 on Monday. Hcg buddies this round!

love you-

helderheid said...

OH YAY! You, me, and Lis! We're going to ROCK This round!!!

Kathryn said...

Good luck this round! Wish I could join you but I am not starting until October 12 or 13 (the day after Canadian Thanksgiving. Hoping my Ovidac makes it through Customs stress free - was shipped September 21. So I will join you guys half way through. Happy loading - good plan about no sugar.

Lis said...

WOOHOO!! Off we go!!! I will load just one day this round since its a short one, and so should be right there with you both on Monday for VLCD.... too cool!