Monday, October 11, 2010

R5 Day 8 120.6 ( -.1, +3.9 LDW)


Apple day.

I've been at VLCD for 7 days now. 5 of the 7 days I've gained or stalled. This is no way to start a round, my dears. Talk about zapping all motivation.

The good news is that I am partially treating this as a detox/pattern interrupt and in that respect, this has thus far been successful.

If you're not aware of the Daily Om, you may want to be. For instance, today's Daily Om is titled: Setting a Limit to Sit with Emotions How Long

I recently saw one that spoke to my condition about change, and it took me back to when I'd met my husband for the first time, and when I knew I wanted him long term in my life.

The entry is called: Ready for Change Declaring Our Intentions

If you want to produce change in your life, take the time to declare it to the universe in whatever way feels right.

You can read the entire article here

One of the things the article suggested is writing our very clear wishes and intentions down and putting them under our pillows. As I said, this took me back. When I met my husband, I did a collage, very much like the one I have as a background here on my blog, of him in the center, surrounded by symbols of commitment (wedding rings, etc., etc) and I put that precisely under my bed where I slept. Remembering this, I took the current collage I have and did the same. I do have some things I need to write and add to it. In any case, it was a welcome reminder of how well I've manifested my life and continue to do so, though I need to be more precise in my focus as to what I want.

Today the cat/house sitter comes to interview us so I need to work on the downstairs, particularly the cat room in anticipation. That and exercise! I have several episodes of a Dutch reality show to catch up on and my lap top to stream it so I'll just take my computer from room to room as I attack.

Thanks for letting me vent. I hope the protocol  is treating you more kindly than it's treating me!



Lis said...

Apple days are great for breaking a stall..... I know you will see results! Thanks for posting the om site, intersting place to explore! Have fun with getting your space in order! HUGS!

helderheid said...

Thanks, Lis! I hope the apple day works. I'm feeling desperate!

Amy said...

So sorry for your frustration. I can totally relate. A couple of days of stalling really gets me down too.

Good luck with the apple day.

Is it at all possible that your HCG isn't effective??? If the apple day doesn't do much, you might consider mixing another batch.

Best wishes for RELEASE!!!

helderheid said...

Thanks Amy!

I tested it with a pregnancy test after I mixed it and it was positive, however it's been a week now so I'm mixing a fresh batch anyway. Let's hope it kicks the releases into gear hardcore! :)

Anonymous said...

A positive pregnancy test only indicates it's HCG, not it's potency.

I hope the apple day does the trick for your stall. You deserve to see some downward movement on the scale!

helderheid said...

Thanks AR. If I were starving, I'd say the HCG wasn't potent but I've not been hungry.


Hopefully the apple day will kick start this round!! Thanks for the support! :)

lavenderdiva said...

ARGH. How frustrating! I'm so sorry this has happened to you so early in the round. Do the apple day, and you'll see a result no doubt. But stay focused.

Do you think if you included 113-117 on your 'dream' meditation and putting that under your pillow, it would help? Truly, you are THE most focused person I know. You ALWAYS accomplish your goals, and that is only one of the things I admire about you. I wish I could emulate that quality in myself. I am not focused enough, at all.

When I started at my design job, my boss asked me what my five year plan was. I told her I didn't have one, and she thought I was kidding! Of course you have a five year plan- Nope. Still don't. And I haven't accomplished any of the dreams I've had I guess because of that. YOU on the other hand, have accomplished ALL sorts of things!! I love it!!

and you!

helderheid said...

Thanks LD. :)

I can't imagine a 5 year plan! Seriously! That's WAY too much time. Now a 1 year plan? I can dig that. :)

I like it, LD. I'll write that and put it under my bed along with a couple other things finance wise.

Love you !