Saturday, October 9, 2010

R5 Day 6 120.6 ( -.2, +3.9 LDW)

Gads, this is frustrating so early on! This is almost an official stall and I'm only in week 1! 2 days of losses and 2 days of nothing and 1 day of gain. Bleah!

I did exercise for the first time in aaaaaages, and I am up to 3 zits and continued bloat. I can't worry about this. I'm going to continue to exercise as all my numbers are normal except for body fat/muscle percentage. That's where I need to focus, so I will continue VLCD with HCG and although I really want to shed some weight, I want to concentrate more on toning my bod. Hey, I have just under 6 weeks to do it and I know between the HCG/VLCD and the pilates/yoga, I will see amazing results.

I didn't do measurements this round, but I have them from the last time. This time I'm going to focus more on what my new fancy pants scale has to say about my numbers. I'll measure at the end and see how it differs from last time. Speaking of fancy pants, that one I will weigh in on weekly rather than daily. I imagine those numbers will be more dramatic that way. Our clients only come in once a week to weigh in on it so I'll leave the daily weigh ins to my bathroom scale which we know is in sync with fancy pants weight wise.

Gads, I've babbled. Here's some entertainment for you - this is AMAZING!

Love all y'all!


I was unable to do pilates 2 days in a row - my muscles need a break! I did manage yoga though. I'll do pilates every other day until my muscles are stronger. :)


lavenderdiva said...

naaa. I don't think this is a stall. Number 1: I think it is hormonal. Number 2: I think you are so close to your ideal weight, that your body just doesn't have that much to lose, and its going to come off much more slowly for you this round. Just be mindful of that, and let your body relax, it'll happen.

I used to fly a lot when I was little and then again later for a job I had. I always heard that flying is safer than driving. Maybe that will give you a little bit of comfort. Are you doing any relaxation techniques to prepare yourself or hypnosis?

I'm thinking about ordering those pilates dvd's-- thanks for sharing them!

love you!

helderheid said...

You're right, LD. I'm not letting it get me down (though we know I have fat to lose given I'm out of the normal range).

I do have hypnosis as well as a CD called achieving comfortable flight. My poor son has developed the same fear so I'm digging it out for him. I too have heard flying is the safest form of transportation and have been repeating that to my boy, which helps me in turn. I also have klonopin to take the edge off. That and a glass of wine and I'm good to go. ;)

Love you!

lavenderdiva said...

Yep, klonopin and wine/alcohol will always do the trick! Keep working the hypnosis and the CD though-

I loved Justin Timberlake video- He's ALWAYS great whenever he's hosting Saturday Night Live too! He's got a great sense of comedic timing, IMO.

love you!

Amy said...

Hi HD,

I agree with LD, it may be hormonal and you are close to ideal. I also think the new exercise could be doing it too. Remember, you are starting up again after a 2 year break. I know that when I have a particularly intense pilates session I get a little inflammation weight the next couple of days. I have been doing pilates for a couple of years now and this still happens.

Sorry about the flying fear. I dislike flying very much. I don't think my dislike is as much fear, but I do have to give myself some pep talks before I get on. I keep reminding myself of the same thing: this is safer than driving... Hang in there.