Tuesday, October 19, 2010

R5 Day 16 118.8 (+.8, +2.1 LDW)

What a weird round this has been for so many of us. I can't explain this blip. I'd considered doing an apple day, but I'm going to give it one more day and see if things even out. I weighed prior to any "movement" if you know what I mean, and it was a significant one once it happened. Sorry, TMI.

Okay, so I want to introduce you all to 2 new blogs I'm now following of 2 people totally new to the protocol! Please check out My Hcg Journey and A Boston Gals HCG Voyage...making eye contact with my Goals . 

I've been working on real estate and property management stuff this morning, and need to switch hats and attack the laundry. Today the kids are back in school after 5 days!!!!! I must admit, this is a much needed break! :)


9 more days!


Kathryn said...

Hey HH,

Thanks for the links to the new blogs- it's always great to see new people join the hcg community.

And, yes, it has definitely been a wierd round for many of us. I am still in shock at the severe gain and am afraid to step on the scales but I am moving along. No hunger which is a great thing!!

BostonHCG said...

thanks for mentioning me in your blog! you are a sweetheart!
Yes, I am on the Drops.. I was too much of a chicken to give myself a shot..
I see you must work from home due to the field of work you are in.. I am a Sales Rep for Research Labs and Hospitals. I am home most of the day. in and out..

This hunger is killing me.. When will the cravings stop? ! AH
so this is my 2nd day of the 500 cals. the road ahead looks long.. but as these two days are going bad and my hunger is speaking to me by making my stomach yell and scream.. I am trying to get MAD at Food..
Here's a question for you since you seem like you have yourself in check and have been through this.. what do I do this weekend at the dinner I have to attend with my husbands boss?
What can I order that wont have people question (not my husband) "why arent you eating anything???"

Thanks for being so fabulous
I have never had a blog before.. but i needed to connect with others who are trugging through this ....

helderheid said...

Hey Kathryn! Don't be afraid! :) You're going to do great, I know it. I feel it! So glad to hear you're not hungry!

Boston, Welcome! I wish I could vouch for the HHCG - I do drops too (for the same reason) but not the homeopathic drops - I order real HCG and mix it myself and spray under the tongue twice a day. Because I have no experience with the HHCG, I wish I could advise you about the cravings. I don't really trust the over the counter drops, personally though I know many who have used them and love them.

As far as eating out, I never do on HCG. My first inclination is for you to make an excuse to get out of the dinner - say you're sick or something. Other than that, you could perhaps call the restaurant ahead of time and explain your situation and see if they could serve you steamed chicken and asparagus. I wish I had better advise!

Holistic Health Coach-Tri Mom said...

The cosmic forces at work...so good of you to post links to these other blogs. Its so good to connect with others that are on the same path...

Re my weird round, after all that fat and ice cream this weekend with my cheat, I am actually not hungry or craving today (or yesterday either). Could it be that the faux loading helped in that dept? How strange.

Lets see how chicken and onions work with my weight tomorrow, its the first time Ive had onions this round, and I wonder if they are going to reek havoc. Im hoping not, I really want to get down under 140 again tomorrow.

Only 10 more days!

Lis said...

I feel the HCG love! :) Weird blip, but probably gone tomorrow. If not do the apple day. With such a short time left, its like working against the clock, isnt it?! Yes, strange rounds for us all. Love you!

Lis said...

Boston, what has worked for me is a dinner salad, oil and vinegar on the side (just use the vinegar or you can even bring your own dressing) and chicken cooked to order - no butter or oils, unseasoned. If they ask, you can always tell them you are on some medication that makes your stomach sensitive to seasonings or that you are on dr's orders to watch your fat intake or something to that affect. I was in your spot and if I couldnt get out of eating out I ordered as simple as I could. As long as you are eating no one really "notices".

helderheid said...

Love you too, Lis! I broke down and had 1 extra fruit and 2 extra grissini sticks. I hate that I'm more noshy on the days I don't lose or gain!

lavenderdiva said...

I think its normal to be more 'noshy' on these sorts of days-- its pure frustration eating its way out. You stuck to protocol & protocol foods, so you weren't bad at all!

Have you tried pushing the protein? Upping your protein portion, I mean. I did find it helped me lose more. I wonder if you might want to 'experiment' with it? You only have a few days left on this round, and it certainly couldn't hurt.

yes, it's been a VERY weird round --all round-- for all of us in so many different ways!

Thanks for the links to the new blogs-

love you!

lavenderdiva said...

as to your suggestion this evening-- one day I'd love to get together!