Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm ovulating!

There's the blip.

Why is it when you gain or don't lose you're hungry?

I'm not REALLY hungry, but cravey. I ate extra fruit, veggies, and grissini. I am up to 600 calories.

I know I said I'd given up losing anymore before, but I REALLY have given it up. I was reluctant before, but at this point I really feel like saying screw it. Not in an angry way, but in a resigned way.

So the plan is not to exceed the 500 for the next 9 days, unless I do an apple day (which I'll do) or a modified steak day (which I may as well do too). There you have it. That also mixes things up in the next 1+ week. Ha.

What a weird round. I'm glad I did it though, regardless of the fact that today I am 1.1 pounds lighter than I was the day before I loaded, 2 weeks ago. I'm glad to know I can do a detox round without losing and still reap the benefits of having my body fat % go down and my organs breathe a sigh of relief with a cleanse.

I'll take it.



Lis said...

LOL... Blip explained, and I am so with you on this round!!! To be basically down 1 pound from where I was stabilizing before my week-long convention food binge, but knowing I can get the weight all off and get back to where I need to be in a couple of weeks... I'll take it too! Hope we are all on our game in January!! Love ya!

helderheid said...

*HUG* Love you too! So glad we're in this together!!

lavenderdiva said...

Whadya know? That explains a lot. Your outlook is terrific- I have no doubt that had you taken your measurements before this round, you would have another story to tell. I have to believe that you are re-distributing and moving those inches/measurements around. Something IS moving-dammit! It has to be!

Those people in Holland aren't gonna know what hit 'em when they see you! Ger-gious you! (aka gorgeous) So what indeed to those 5lbs.

love you lots-

helderheid said...

You and your words mean the WORLD to me, LD !

Love you so!

BostonHCG said...

Hey! that is amazing... size 2 or 4.. Nice Job! ovulations wacks out the hormones by all means...
You look fabulous my god!
Good job! It takes alot to be satisfied. Be proud and know you are helping me as my Strength!

Darby said...

Enjoyed reading this post from you!
Glad you have resigned (in a good way)and will focus on a great vacation!

Portia Portly said...

That's pretty fan-damn-tactic if you ask me!! Keep it up!
I'd love to make a list of good Hcg bloggers on my own new Hcg blog, come check out and let me know if you'd like to do a link exchange!

Keep it up! And enjoy this vaca!!!

Portia Portly said...

Oops, here's the link!