Friday, October 8, 2010

R5 Day 5 120.8 ( +.8, +4.1 LDW)

Up almost a pound. I feel totally bloated and have a zit on my chin and I'm craving salt, so I'm fairly confident in saying this has to be hormonal. I'm surprisingly calm!

So this morning I compared my weight on my bathroom scale (120.8) with my new fancy pants scale (120.8)! I was so happy to see they were both right on. I got the rest of my stats as well.  I was none too pleased with my body age, however my PA calls that part of this scale "hokey", though it should go down as I continue on the protocol. Worse than that was my body fat % which is out of the normal range. Here are the stats:


BMI (normal is 18.5-24.9 - I'd like this number to be closer to 20-22)

Normal for my age is 21%-33%! EEK!

Skeletal muscle is in proportion to the body fat %

Resting metabolism

Real age is 35

Visceral fat (the fat you can't pinch) - Normal is 1-9 - Woot!

Obviously I have some work to do. Yes my BMI is normal, but I am high on the body fat %. I'm sure this is due to a lack of exercise for the last 2 years! Time to start the pilates now that I have a clean bill of health with the foot. In fact, part of me gets the idea that pilates may help with the circulation and perhaps help my foot.

So all in all I am really glad I got this scale. It forces me to look at an overall health picture rather than just my weight on the scale. That said, I'm starting (slowly) pilates today! I may follow that with a very calming yoga. By the time we leave on our trip, I should be tone and calm! :) OH, and I can take my pilates with me and play it on my laptop while away! Woohoo!

Speaking of the trip, I arranged a house sitter which has me feeling so much more calm about the trip. My fur babies will be well taken care of, as will my plants, and knowing that my home is being watched gives me so much more peace of mind. I always worry when we're away. Not this time. :)

OK, my lovies! Drinking more coffee, and then off to pilates and yoga - the rest of the day shall be faaaaaabulous! :) 

Love y'all and I'm off to check on ya!


Amy said...

Enjoy your pilates! I just love mine. I feel amazing after each and every class.

Where did you get your fancy scale? I covet.

helderheid said...

Pilates was great! Only did 20 minutes but I followed that with 25 minutes of yoga. Amazing how much better I feel!!

Here is where you can get the scale:

Lis said...

Yep, hormonal... wonder if that my issue too.... willhave to wait and see. I have never done pilates, but I love yoga - its so relaxing! Have fun on the trip!! :)
Love and hugs!

Anonymous said...

Everything sounds hormone related, I've been dealing with some of it today. Strange. TOM has been here for a few days.

I like the scale and all the info it gives...more numbers for me to obsess over!

Incredible Shrinking Me said...

Hormones, hormones, hormones. They get us every month.

Love the scale. I may have to invest in one!!!

lavenderdiva said...

I think its great that you're recognizing the symptoms of hormonal impact. A lot of people just let those symptoms fly by and not know what's going on. It'll pass in a couple of days, and you'll be back on track.

What Pilates do you do? Is it on a DVD or disc that we can buy? I'd love to do pilates as I get closer to my goal weight. I love the look it give your body.

love you!

helderheid said...

Thanks guys! I put a link to the scale on the entry, and here's a link to the pilates DVDs I'm using:

I do my yoga from a TV show called "Namaste Yoga" on Fit TV - it's soooooo zen and calming!

Thanks again all of you!


Lindsey said...

that is one awesome scale. Great blog and great information also

lavenderdiva said...

Thanks for sharing the Pilates info helderheid! I'm reading about it right now-