Wednesday, October 13, 2010

R5 Day 10 119.3 ( -0, +2.6 LDW)

Believe it or not, I consider this a win. I didn't gain after my apple day, and a familiar pattern for me is a substantial loss and then nothing and then another loss. I fully expect a loss tomorrow.  If not, then I may have reason to be a little concerned but really, what's my choice here? I can't stop now. I need to simply follow the protocol and end up where I end up. I still hold out hope that I'll end up where I want to end up. If nothing else, surely I'll at least get back to my LDW in the next 15 days. I hope for closer to 7-8 more pounds released in this time. We shall see! In any case, as I said, I was really, really happy to see that I'd not gained and that the apple day did, in fact, kick things back into gear.

More than anything at this point, I want to fit in my jeans again. I have probably half a dozen sizes 2-4 and can only fit in a couple pair now. Seems to me that my weight strategically hit my hips and thighs. If I can get back into those, I'll be happy.

 Sunday is my and my husband's 11th wedding anniversary. I had a particular print I wanted to buy him that I can no longer find.

I've just googled De Boom and can't find it! Hmmm...

Okay, more coffee. It's a short day for the kids and then they're off until Monday. We'll work on their rooms and making sure they have what they need. That and I got a more than full price offer on my listing! YES! I'll put that together too. It will close before we leave. Thank goodness!

Love you all. I really appreciate you!


Lis said...

Hooray for a win!! In 15 days you can get down quite a bit of weight.... you'll get under your LIW no problem.

What a romantic you are! I hope you an find your restaurant - it sounds lovely to have a night like that together. Is the photo the print you wanted? Its beautiful!

SOunds like you are having a great day! Love and Hugs!

helderheid said...

I hope so, Lis. I can't imagine NOT releasing a good amount in that time!

My husband and my relationship with him makes it easy to be a romantic ;). I feel truly blessed to still not only be madly in love, but to also still truly like my husband. Now if we could just get outta here... :) Yes, the picture is the print I wanted for him. It was at Ikea but it's now out of stock. It's hard to tell from the picture, but the bike is actually bright red. I love it.

HUGS to you!!

lavenderdiva said...

Yeah for looking on the bright side!! 15 more days are 15 more opportunities to keep losing. You will lose some more, but I think its just gonna be at a much slower pace than you've experienced previously.

Did you take your measurements before starting this round? that helps too, to wave bye-bye to the inches. I forgot to do that this round, but oh well, I started so close to my original starting weight, I'm just going to use those measurements to go against.

Where did you find that graphic? I ask because there is a print place here that if you e-mail them a graphic such as this, they can blow it up (to a certain point b/c of pixelation) and mount it on gatorboard which you can then frame. It might be another way to get the picture to your sweetie as a gift, without the original.

Happy Anniversary (early)!

love you-

helderheid said...

Hey LD!

I didn't do measurements this round. I'm going by my new fancy scale and the numbers she's throwing at me each week. :)

The print is from Ikea. We'll see. I think the trip is enough for now and hopefully Ikea will have it back in stock soon (and I'll buy it and store it until next year!)! :)