Monday, October 18, 2010

R5 Day 15 118 ( -.6, +1.3 LDW)

10 more days!

I weighed on Fancy but I failed to bring my phone, so no pictures. The BIG news is that my body fat % is now 32.9%! That's .1% under the limit to be considered normal! Woot! With 10 more days to go, I'm sure I'll see that shift further, and I may even reach my LDW from my last round.

I have my kids home one more day (some teacher thing has kept them home), but I'd determined even with them here that I will get some serious sorting done, mainly my husband's side of the closet. I'm pulling out everything I've not seen him wear in a year and evaluating whether or not to donate it. That and ANYTHING with a hole or stain goes. After that, I need to make sure I've ironed his shirts so that he does in fact have something to wear to work.

I'm getting really excited!

Last night a migraine began to creep up on me so I'm off for some advil and coffee.

I hope you're all well! I see some updates so I'm off to check them out. :)


Darby said...

1% under "normal"....I'm dreaming of the day I will get there!
So happy for you!

lavenderdiva said...

Congratulations on that new body fat %!! It will shift further in the next 10 days, no doubt.

I admire you being able to sort through and organize!

When do you leave??

love ya-

Amy said...

Wahooo! So happy to see that your body fat is changing! And the change in the weight is great too! Just caught up on all your weekend posts so let me say belated congrats on 11 years!

BostonHCG said...

So happy i found your blogg
i started my journey on HCG- im excited-
i did my 2 load days and Sunday was suppose to be my first 500cal day and at 430 i totally boshed it- i had a beer and a cupcake.. my husband had friends over and it was totally unplanned.. so today is the real first day.. its hard as hell! had no idea how much food was on TV everywhere!!
can we eat eggs on this?
Also looking for your advice.. this sat I have to go out to dinner with myhusbands boss... what should i eat without telling people why and what I am doing?
Please help!