Wednesday, October 6, 2010

R5 Day 3 119.9 ( -1.9, +3.2 LDW)

That was a pleasant surprise! By surprise I mean I couldn't have gotten more than 3-4 hours sleep last night and I know how that can affect releases. It's so nice to see all the load weight is GONE, only 2 VLCDs into this round. I have 18-22 days left (18 more days minimum to get 21 effective doses or up to 22 to get me to P4 on time). Certainly I can get to my LDW and maybe even to 112-114 (112 is considered "ideal" for my age, sex, and height).

I suspect I know what may have caused the insomnia. I took my 2nd thyroid pill at 7 pm and have heard it can cause sleep problems.

Today I hope I can just make it through the day. I am running on empty (the little sleep was plagued by nightmares) and I have a real estate class to take.

I can't wait to see how all of you did!

Thanks again for being here for me! Means the world to me!


Amy said...

Nice release! Thyroid too late affects my sleep too.

Loved the healthy toughts too.

Lis said...

Woohoo!! You had a great loss today!! How amazing that you are almost back to your cushion!! This round you may be hitting new territory??

lavenderdiva said...

Wowza!! What a great loss today! Me likey!

I love your '10 Thoughts on Whole Living'-- especially #5! That rang true with me.

Hope you get a GOOD night's sleep tonight. Take a warm bath, and go straight to bed. That always worked for me, when I had a bathtub.

helderheid said...

Thanks Amy! Hopefully taking it earlier will make a difference tonight! :) I loved that healthy thoughts too - I now have it on my fridge! :)

Lis, thanks! I do believe we have a chance to hit new territory! :) I'd love not to have to give my weight on my vacation a 2nd thought! I am very comfortable 112-117 :)

LD, thanks! Here I am up too late. I'm just wrapping it up and going straight to bed!! I love #5 too - it really helped me as I took on my desk. I'm now really working on #9!

Love all of you!