Monday, October 25, 2010

R5 Day 22 (VLCD 21) 114.8 -.2 and stats

Hi all!

I've decided not to mix a new batch of HCG. I still have some left from my current batch, and I did dose this morning, however I won't dose tonight. This way I get cream in my coffee Thursday, unless I drop significantly tomorrow, in which case I'll dose with my current mix and call THAT my last dose day. So, we'll see! Either way, I am beyond thrilled with where I ended up. I tend to drop a little in the initial P3 days as well, so I am within 3 pounds of where the stats say I'm healthiest, and may get there yet.

Here's the latest from Fancy:


Amy said...

Wow! What a weekend for you! I couldn't wait to open today's post and see what you had decided to do. I have fancy scale envy. :)

Great work!

Lis said...

Scale envy is right!! You did great this round!!!I am so proud of you! And taking the scale is not a bad thing, really. I took mine to NYC! :)

helderheid said...

Thanks you guys!!

I know my in-laws have a scale so maybe I'm silly wanting fancy with me but I just love my scale! :D

Lis, good luck with the steak day!

Incredible Shrinking Me said...

Awesome job this round HH!!! Take it with you! You'll end up getting on their scale and wish you had Fancy with you. =-D

helderheid said...

:) Thanks so much!! We'll see - I think I'll simply use there scale - there are all kinds of new rules about weight limits on the planes and I need enough room in my back to bring back Dutch goodies!!

lavenderdiva said...

nah- leave the Fancy here. You've done so well this round (finally) that you shouldn't weigh all the time while you're there, and drive yourself crazy worrying about a number. Relax and enjoy your trip. You will have clothes with you that you can sort of monitor yourself by how they are fitting. But the main point is that you lost all this weight in anticipation of enjoying yourself while you are over there. If you take your scale you will just keep looking at the numbers. Any little twitch on it will keep you from really having a good time, IMHO.

That said: I'm eager to see what Fancy has to say tomorrow morning!! Either way you ended up having a FANTASTIC round, despite how hard it was on you.


helderheid said...

LD, you are SO RIGHT. I need to relax about the scale this trip. I'll do a round in Jan if need be but I must, must, must stop this obsession with the scale while on the trip. I AM A SIZE 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen Payne said...

Congrats! I so want one of those scales.... however that is probably just an invitation for trouble. Think of all the numbers to obsess over :) Not just the scale weight, all of the other numbers too!!!! Have a wonderful trip and really enjoy it. Don't stress :)