Tuesday, October 5, 2010

R5 Day 2 121.8 ( -1.1, +5.1 LDW)

Good morning, peeps!

I have to admit, I was a little hesitant getting on the scale. I had a round where my first day I only released half a pound. I was so disappointed. Of course the following day I had a huge drop. Anyway, it was a relief to see more than a pound release on my first day. Only 5 more to go to get to LDW from last round. We'll see how far my body wants to go this time.

I am so glad I checked my checking account this morning. Just over $100! My husband failed to tell me he was paying a bill for close to $1000 this week. GAH!! So, I've written myself a check from my commissions which I avoid doing since it's pre-taxed money. Oh well. Thank God I can do this. My husband gets paid Friday so this should hold us. Gads, though talk about an adrenaline rush looking at that number!

I have so much organizing to do. Fortunately I feel so much better today than yesterday, so I think I may be able to make a decent dent (as soon as I run to the bank and cover our asses).

Off to check on you guys!


Anonymous said...

Good to see the scale was kind to you! My scale wasn't so nice this morning.

I understand your shock with your bank account. I've had something similar happen to me, too. I couldn't blame hubby because it was my faulty bookkeeping.

helderheid said...

I can't really blame him either as I never discuss our finances with him! I could have warned him this week was tighter than most. Gads! At least the car payment and mortgage payment went through. I need to sell some houses!

Jen Payne said...

Can you believe that your comment on the first day of a round is 5lbs to go to reach LDW???? Think back to our first rounds when we were facing 75lbs+!! The 75 is for me :) Who would have thought we would ever be at this point where we are managing only a 5 pound gain :) Such progress!! We are awesome, if I do say so myself :)

helderheid said...

Jen, you are SO right! We are awesome... and so is HCG! By the way, I drove past your old work today... so weird to see the store empty!

lavenderdiva said...

-1.1 today is FANTASTIC! You lost almost one-quarter of what you want to lose in this entire round today! WooHOO!

Glad you caught the accounting glitch! What a way to start the day-

helderheid said...

Thanks LD! I'm actually hoping to reach 112 this round, so I've got another 10 to go, but we'll see where my body decides to stop. 112 is what every chart I come across says is my "ideal" weight. 112-114 would be thrilling but I'll be happy as a clam at 116!

You had a great start! Glad we're doing this together!

Lis said...

Great 1st day loss!!! Only 5 more to go.... LOVE that! :) I will bet you hit 116 before the end of the round, you went there pretty fast last round. Love and hugs!!

Holistic Health Coach-Tri Mom said...

Great loss! And I finally had one too, it only took my 6 VLCD days and a modified steak day. Heres to all of us losing exactly what we want this round!