Saturday, October 16, 2010

R5 Day 13 118.6 ( -.6, +1.9 LDW)

Losses 2 days in a row? (shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, we don't want to scare the body!)

I weighed in on Fancy again so my husband could sleep in. All the other numbers are pretty much the same.

It was a welcome surprise! I'm barely back in range of LDW, but back in range nonetheless! *happy dance*

So, with the load weight, I'm averaging .35 a day now. Of course, we're not looking at that right?? Strictly a detox... all else is icing...

I'm more than half way through this round. 12 doses to go! I'll have a glass of wine (or two) on Halloween (of course this being Utah, all the festivities will have happened the night before).

It's going to be 78 today!! October 16 in Utah! Our leaves on our trees haven't turned yet! SO WEIRD.



Lis said...

Woohoo!! (said in whisper!) great loss today and love that you are back in range!! 12 days.... we can do anything for 12 days, right? :)

helderheid said...

Yes we can! Anything! Also, anything can happen in 12 days, right??

Darby said...

I'm so confused by Fancy. I would NOT know how to use that thing.

Thanks for such a nice comment today. Sometimes a girl needs that.

Anonymous said...

Nice going with the losses two days in a row!

This round has been the pits as far as weight loss for me. I have no hunger, my head is in the game but the scale is not beging good to me. I'm refusing to do another round after the holidays. I'll continue this round until I get back to maintaining weight. It's basically taken me 2 weeks to lose 4 lbs!