Friday, October 22, 2010

R5 Day 19 116.8 (- .6, +.1 LDW) - it's FANCY DANCY DAY!


.1 from LDW and given I've not had any PA today, I can safely say I am at my last dose weight! Yea, yeah, YEA!

4 pounds down in the last 2 weeks - hey, it's the right direction and I'm at my LDW!

Nice BMI! Smack dab in the middle of NORMAL!

HOLLAH! in 11 days I went from overweight body fat % of 35.3 down to NORMAL (below 33%) to 31.3%!

Skeletal muscle is up!

Resting metabolism is DOWN! There's less of me to support! WOOT!

Okay, I'm still 4 years older than my actual age, but down 2 years from 11 days ago!

Visceral fat  (the fat you can't pinch) has remained 5 throughout - normal is 1-9.

I'm thrilled. :)

All this, and I think something is going on hormonally. I mentioned I thought I was ovulating a couple days ago. Yesterday and today my breasts have been aching which normally happens when I'm having my actual period, so it's one of the two. I'm parking funny so it may be more likely my period. I tend to park askew that time of the month. :) Weird, I know!

I'm off to attack the day, but not before I check in with all y'all!


EDITED TO ADD: Another blog to follow! Welcome to HCG! Changing my life with HCG


Amy said...


I am so happy for you! Amazing results, finally!

Incredible Shrinking Me said...

AWESOME RELEASE HH!!! Congrats. My sister gave me these beads to track when I am ovulating. I will email you the link. Don't know if you will be able to use them but if so, they are great!!! Again, congrats on reaching your LDW!!! YEAH! =0)

Lis said...

Love the loss today - you are doing so well!! And that scale is the bomb!

helderheid said...

Thanks all!

ICS, I'd LOVE info on those beads!

I love Fancy!!

lavenderdiva said...

I'd love Fancy too, with those results! Well worth the investment alright!!

And look at you: another loss thank you very much! Woot!!


helderheid said...

LD, this round would have killed me without Fancy!

Anonymous said...

Awesome job!

I want Fancy to come visit me. I could use the inspiration.

helderheid said...

AR, this holiday season, you owe it to yourself to get you a Fancy too!!