Wednesday, September 1, 2010

118.5 (+ 1.8 LDW)

Ugh, I hate being so close to the 2 pound limit. I did a steak day after breaching the limit but it only produced a .7 drop. I've found that the super lean organic steaks don't work as well for me as other steaks which is a bummer. I may need to go to Whole Foods and pick up steaks that are organic but not lean.

Okay, my news. My new boss apparently trusts me as I was to cover for her while she was away on a cruise - just 10 days. Well, she's decided to take 3 weeks off instead, and guess who's covering for her? :) I couldn't be happier about this.

I had my interview with the school yesterday and I've been recommended for the program that I'm interested in. I plan on starting classes in January after the holidays. I'm extremely excited about this new direction!

I'm sorry I've been absent but things have gotten nuttier! I'll try to be better. I need to catch up on all y'all!



Incredible Shrinking Me said...

I know how you feel!!! I am right at the 2lb mark and its frustrating. I really dont want to do another steak day but oh well. Lol

That's so awesome about your boss! I am sure you are so excited for the way things are turning out. I am so happy for you.

Wishing you happy releasing!!!

lavenderdiva said...

I'll bet the better losses with the regular steaks vs. the extra-lean ones has something to do with the fat content. I still don't really understand how it works, but someone on the yahoo forum today was saying that they had a much better maintenance if they upped their fat percentage (daily) to almost equal their protein percentage. I guess our metabolisms just like that fat. Which is a hard notion to wrap our minds around when we've been lectured for so long that fat is evil!

In any case, you're doing great in EVERY. SINGLE. WAY!!! So happy for you!

love ya-

Kathryn said...

The fact that your boss trusts you to cover for her for three weeks is an attestation to you incredible abilities. What a wonderful compliment. I still think you should open your own clinic when you are ready.

I agree with the other ladies about the fat content. There is some sort of metabolic combination of fats and protein that comes into play to stabilize. I think its similar to Atkins where the more fat content you combine with protein the better. Do you have cashews or pistachio nuts often. A good handful of cashwes with the steak may show good results.

Hugs to you!

Jen Payne said...

I always do fat and protein on a steak day. I can usually do a string cheese mid afternoon, 1lb+ steak and apple for dinner, and another string cheese in the evening. I have even had 2 eggs for breakfast as well. As long as it is only fat and protein I did great.

As for your lean organic steaks, did they produce good losses during p2? I have avoided beef in the past just figuring I did not want to be one of the ones that had issues with it. What was your experience and what was the brand again? I know you said I could get them at Harmons.

So happy about the job :)

lavenderdiva said...

ps. sorry!! I forgot to congratulate you on the BIG Kudos from your boss!! It's wonderful (though not surprising, as you are so talented) that she has discovered just HOW invaluable you are to her already!! And trustworthy! Of course you are!! We already knew it, but I'm so glad that she's seen it, and is giving you this responsibility and opportunity! I know you will SHINE!!!!