Saturday, September 4, 2010

118.8 (+2.1 from LDW)

I've been on the higher side for the last week or so. According to my calendar (based of the blood tests I took which the doctor was able to tell me where I was in my cycle since I have no uterus), I start my next cycle on the 8th which has me in PMS territory. This all makes sense. I'm surprisingly relaxed about it which is unbelievably cool. It's the first time since losing the weight that I'm actually relaxed even though I'm technically out of range on the high end. I've done a couple steak days interspersed with clean p3 style eating. I know I'll drop back into range when my cycle returns. I can't tell you how freeing it feels to let go a little. I still weigh daily and I still eat based on that number, but I'm not emotionally attached. I'm not sure what's changed. Maybe it's just knowing that I am totally healthy from a weight standpoint. I'm no where near worrying about being overweight anymore.

I can't believe I've not been blogging daily. It's just gotten so busy. I am reading you all even if I'm not commenting. I'll try to do better about that. Just know I am checking in on you and am here for you!

I'm exhausted so I'll close. My son had a sleep over yesterday, only ignored the sleep part. GAH!



lavenderdiva said...

So happy for you: you've found a wonderful place to be emotionally. I love that you are feeling 'safe' with your weight, and aren't feeling the pull of a number.

I agree that those slightly higher numbers are related to PMS. You'll see a lovely drop soon.

To help those of us struggling with maintenance, would you please post a typical daily menu for you? I think that would be helpful. I've been reading the hcg maintenance forum this evening, and I know I'm not alone with these questions.

Also, I am gearing up to start a new round next week, and am wondering about my mixing. To date, I've used vodka and distilled water-- always had good luck with that mix. But I remember that you mixed differently last round. What did you mix with, and where did you get it? did you feel you got a better result with this new mixture?

love you!

Jen Payne said...

I love your great attitude and that you are finally just letting things be. The body is going to go where it wants to go even if you do everything "right". But if you don't allow that to happen you will spend all of your time doing steak days or manipulating your food, only to have the body do it anyway:) So eat good, get some exercise and let it settle where it needs to. Great job!