Sunday, February 7, 2010

1.7 loss from the steak day

I. Love. That.

Just reporting in. I may need another super clean day tomorrow as today I had brunch with a friend and mimosas were had. Not worried about the champagne, but I honestly cannot remember the last time I had OJ. Oh, and bacon and cashews were had... and certainly not enough water. Trying to rectify that now but it's late. :)

Excited about the losses Liz and LD reported! WOOT WOOT!


lavenderdiva said...

-1.7!!!!! WOW! Just wow- What a GREAT result from your steak day! What does that bring you down to? If my math is correct, is it 121.6? Good job in any case!

I don't think you have anything to worry over after your brunch- You've been really stable the past few weeks. You're kicking your metabolism back into gear- A swift kick today with your weigh in!


Lis said...

Gotta love those steak days!! 1.7 is fantastic! We all had good days today!!

Anonymous said...

Terrific! A steak day with almost a 2 lb loss is a great day! What number is the scale giving you these days?

I wouldn't worry about lunch. It sounds like a fun time and you know how to correct any problems that might pop up.

You are doing so good.

Jen Payne said...

So nice to know that the steak day works!! Today is day one of vlcd....... send good vibes out into the universe that all hunger will be banished for the rest of the month :)