Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hooray, the right direction FINALLY

1.5 drop. YES. Today is another low carb day (though not enough water - I'll work on that - busy showing homes). I'm still 5.5 - 6 pounds higher than I should be and a full 8 or so higher than I want to be. I'm just really hoping some of this weight is flukey. Good news, after having had 55 pounds to lose, 5.5 doesn't sound so intimidating!

You asked about the Apple and Cheese day. Here it is:


Eating apples and cheese should do the same thing as a Steak Day or a Steak and Cheese Day, but without the cost of the steak. 

Test Parameters

Eat three meals.  Each meal consists of 2 apples and 2 ounces of cheese.  Drink lots of water.


3.2# loss for myself.  Weight release ranges between 2 to 4 pounds, for each of the people testing with me. 


Eating apples and cheese consistently produces results better than a Steak Day or a Steak and Cheese Day, but without the cost of the steak.

Tomorrow I'll take off on my trip. I'll report in but not as often.

I hope you're all great and I'll try to stay caught up!

Hearts to you!


Lis said...

Wow! Great loss!! If my steak day doesnt get me down, I will try an apple-cheese day. I have also heard about egg days.... know anything about those?

Have a great time on your trip! Be safe!
Hugs to you!

lavenderdiva said...

Congratulations! I'm so glad you got those much needed/desired results-- finally!

Have fun on your trip and don't forget about us!

love you.