Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 1 of exercise

Thank you guys so much for all the support from my last post.

I think a large part of the frustration is that my husband and I used to make a lot of time for one another before the kids were born. We never really got into a routine of that again. We'll adjust.

So, I ate cleaaaaaaaaaaaan yesterday. Went from 125 to 125.3. What. The. Hell. Are my thyroid meds placebos?? Drank water and tea... I don't know what the problem is, but I will not let it get to me, nor will I throw my hands up and give up. I am going to follow Lavenderdiva's lead and will try a protein edema day. I have a steak for my lunch and rather than eggs as I am out, will have chicken breast. I'll keep pounding the water. Wish I could find more of that Slim Green Yogi Tea. I've been looking but can't find it anywhere.

I'm going to start yoga again today, albeit slowly. Yesterday marked 2 months post op. I feel great. I am SO glad I had the surgery done. Having a flat tummy is incredible! I love how my clothes are fitting (though I'm up in my 6s again but will get back to my 4s tout de suite).

Speaking of working out... I should be doing that now so... off I go.

Good luck to all of you doing steak/protein days today!

Edited to add...

Just got through the 15 minute workout on the Shape Up DVD - wow!!! That felt GREAT! I'll do this the rest of the week and then try the 30 minute one. Less stress than the yoga was on my body!


Lis said...

Good grief, must be soemthing in the water!!! Good luick to you too - tomorrow morning will make for some interesting reading on the blogs! :) And you are right - you will get back down quickly. Have fun with the yoga!

Holistic Health Coach-Tri Mom said...

found the tea on amazon...heres a link if it posts...


good luck on the exercise!

Jen Payne said...

As you well know, I am feeling your "scale" issues today!! :) Thanks for the advice. This protocol is so amazing, until the scale is doing the wrong thing and you have no idea why. It would be easier if I had cheated so that I would at least know what the problem was and I could correct it :) You are doing so well. I bet a good week of getting back on track and your exercise will get you where you want to be. Even if it didn't, you look amazing!


lavenderdiva said...

I hope the hunger edema day works for you- I've been tinkling a lot this evening (as Dr. Simeon's said I would), so I am hopeful for a good weigh-in for us both tomorrow morning!

I love that you're starting your yoga and work-outs. It will help with all the stress you've been under lately.

love to you.

helderheid said...

125.8 *cry*