Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentine's Weekend, Lovies!

I wish you all a very lovey dovey weekend full of sweet treats - even the sugar free kind and especially the huggy snuggle kind!

My weight is a mystery. After my little "episode" with the tea, I was down .6 pounds. Less than I'd expected, actually! I mean really... anyway. Yesterday the opposite effect afflicted me. I swung totally in the other direction. I didn't eat that much (was sucked into a game), drank plenty of water and am up 1.2 pounds today. I weighed in at 123.3 (.1 under LDW from round 2, however I have to take into account a couple pounds for the new additions, so more like 121ish). I think I have PMS. I went shopping with a girlfriend last night for V-day treats for the family and pretty much grabbed anything with dark chocolate in it. I'm totally craving it right now. I haven't opened any of it, but definitely want to!

I go back and forth about what I should do. Do I try to get back to my LDW (not the LLW, but true LDW) from R3 of 117.6 (119.6 give or take with the implants), or do I relax, eat clean and at least maintain until I do a 4th round? I'll tell you what, I hate being obsessed with it. Old habits die hard. I'd love to relax. 

I need reminding too that I am STILL healing. It will be another 4 months before my body will be totally mended. I've got to do what it takes to support it while it does. Crazy dieting is not what it needs now. 

I had planned on starting yoga (again) on Monday. That will mark 2 months post op, however I think I may postpone it until I'm done with the antibiotics and am sure the infection is gone. It's looking so much better. The side where the stitch came out now is hardly visible - the incision is razor thin. The other side is still puckered looking but now I know that's the stitch making it look like that and when it either dissolves or comes out, that scar too will smooth. So much nicer than my c-section/hysterectomy scars. 

Tonight the family and I are going to the Embassy Suites. Our kids will play while we watch and sip on a cocktail. A little mini-vacation. Tomorrow we're having lunch with one of my best friends and her husband (one of my husband's best friends - they met at our wedding) who are in from Switzerland. I'm so looking forward to that!

Wow, I've babbled. Thanks for listening, if you made it this far (and wouldn't blame you if you didn't!)!


lavenderdiva said...

Just my opinion, since you asked.... I think your body is telling you what to do. 'Relax. Eat clean. Maintain until your 4th round.' Eat a bit of the dark chocolate, and enjoy it. Take the mantle of pressure off of those shoulders about your weight, and let your body finish healing. I don't think your weight is going to zoom off into the stratosphere. You're gonna stay about the same weight until your 4th round. Then try to get back to your last LDW of approx. 117-119.

Have fun tonight and enjoy your family and friends! love to you.

helderheid said...

That's exactly what I'm thinking too, LD. Thanks for the feedback. It helps so much!

Love to YOU!

Holistic Health Coach-Tri Mom said...

Yep, Im right there with said it yourself... I'd love to relax.
"I am STILL healing. It will be another 4 months before my body will be totally mended. I've got to do what it takes to support it while it does. Crazy dieting is not what it needs now. "

You are brilliant and wise, and know exactly what you need. Stress will only make the healing process, and the weight maintenance harder...especially since it increases cortisol, which makes it harder to lose or maintain...

Have a great weekend!

Lis said...

Ditto for me too kiddo - relax and heal and enjoy life, and then worry about your 4th round. You'll get there - You were the one that inspired me, so I know you can do it!!

Have fun! Hugs!

Beaker said...

They've said it all, so I'll just say...

Happy Valentine's Day!