Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Petite update

The steak day was ruined when I found chocolate covered espresso beans. What was I thinking? I have enough steak left over to try again today. Sheesh.

The boy's fever broke but I have him home one more day to make sure his immune system is as strong as possible before going back to school.

I met with the physician's assistant this morning to look at my infected incision. She said I was "throwing a stitch" and she'd have to pull it out. What a weird sensation that was! About 7 inches of stitch came out. She said I should heal a lot more smoothly on my tummy now that it was out, and that it accounted for the swelling I had (hoping that also accounts for some of the extra weight - I know it can't be THAT much, but still). She sent me away with a prescription for antibiotics. I need to pick up more pro-biotics. My poor tummy. Anyway, hopefully this will be the last of the surgery drama (please oh please)!

I got a call from my mom this morning. She and my father applied for a position about 3 hours from here. There were apparently 75 applicants. They got the job! They'll be moving this way in a month. I can hardly believe it!

You guys really are the best. I love the support you give me and appreciate each and every one of you!

**HUGS **


Anonymous said...

I'm glad both you and your little one are doing better. Have a great steak day!

Lis said...

Well with them moving back, I guess that answers the question of you moving there! Its probably now a good thing that your husband was reluctant to make the move - see, everything for a reason! I am glad that they will be close.

Good that they finally found out why you werent healing!! Now your body can finish the job, and get back on track. You will knock that gain off in no time.... who can say no to those little choco beans?!

Hugs to you!

lavenderdiva said...

OOps. Damn those chocolate-covered espresso beans! You'll remedy their effects with your steak day, no doubt.

I'm sure the swelling you've experienced has affected your weight- it can't help but affect it. Now that that nasty stitch is gone, I'll bet you see a difference on the scale in a few days too.

Glad to hear your little ones are on the mend. I hope you stay well!