Saturday, February 20, 2010

On the road again...

Hey! Just a quick note on the road.

Ladies, I HAVE to share with you that I am listening to the most EXCELLENT book on CD - "The Help" I would suggest you at least read it, but even better listen to the unabridged version on CD as each character has their own voice and the accents are wonderful.  It's absolutely riveting!

I forgot to bring my scale up to the room, but I feel lighter so I think I've released some more and am closer to my goal. I'll keep it clean and not "fall into" anything (though I am going to dinner with my family tonight to celebrate my natural father's birthday).

I am SICK!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Extra D3, Zinc, and C. Wish I had some coconut oil. I may need to pick some up.

Virtual hugs! Fortunately that won't get you sick.


lavenderdiva said...

Yeah- I got 2 copies of the book this year from my SIL. 1 copy for my birthday and 1 copy for Christmas. From the same person! Made me mad. Took 'em both back to B&N, and got something else. Its probably a good book, but I got so mad at her for this, I didn't even want to read it! glad to hear you're enjoying it tho'

I'm sorry you're feeling under the weather- but it doesn't seem to have slowed your progress, weight-wise!

Lis said...

Get better... vacation colds are not fun at all! Enjoy your family dinner!
LD, that is funny tthat the book happens to be the same! I will have o check it out!
Hugs back at ya!