Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sorry about that...

... definitely had a melancholy moment there. Thanks for all the kind words and support.

My daughter isn't throwing up anymore so that's a huge step in the right direction. As far as the sadness with my parents' old home, I've asked my son to help me figure out how to take the gate out in between our yards and to simply make it a fence again (we had a gate put in so we could simply visit via our back yards). I think once there is less access it may make it more final. LD, I love the idea that perhaps new friends are on the way who will love it as much as my parents and I have. Perhaps I'll light a candle and send a wish to the Universe for that.

THOSE DANGED CHICKEN CHEESE SPINACH BALLS!!! Last time I ate them I was up 2.2 the next day. I had them yesterday and am up 2.4 today! Eegads. At least I know I didn't eat an extra 10,500 calories and this is water. Even so, I went to find some slacks for when I go show homes today. I apparently returned the 4s I bought before and only have 6s. I thought that with the gain perhaps they'd fit. No go. They fall off of me. Oh what a problem to have! Screw the number on the scale. ;) 

That said, any petite people wearing 6s out there? Otherwise I need to sell these on ebay. I definitely need to go shopping. I'll wear my corduroys today.

Thanks all y'all. I am wondering if I have PMS or something given how emotional I was yesterday. Regardless, it's a wonderful feeling knowing you're all "out there" with kind words of support. Means so much!


lavenderdiva said...

damned the chicken cheese spinach balls--to HELL! How dare they be so yummy and irresistible? a curse on them.

Your idea of continuing the fence, instead of a gate, is a good one. And I like your asking the universe for a nice young family to live there. I'll be saying a prayer for you too.

What is a number anyway? The fact that your 4's fit, and you look good in them (no doubt!) is what counts!

Christy in Seattle said...

Glad that you are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Girl, I bet you will be wearing a size 2 and not a 4! You are so thin!

You sound like you are doing better, hoping it gets easier for you and your wishes get answered.

I found some spring clothes that I need to donate and wondered if it would be better to ask if any readers would be interested in them...give away? Raffle? I found a Liz Claiborne jean jacket (L) that I don't remember ever buying or wearing!

Lis said...

I totally agree with you! (Although it really gets me too when the scale is up :)) that its more than just a number. Glad that you are feeling up my friend!
Keep us posted on your neighbors. Any forward motion on the possibility of Mr. Helderheid getting a job up north?