Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 21 LM - 116.7 (-2.5 , +/- 0 of LDW)

Good mornin', my dears!

Thank you all for the congratulations! I am very excited about this new position. It couldn't be a more perfect. It has me thinking that I may take some courses, most likely in holistic health. The more I learn, the more fascinated I become.

Today I need to update my advertising on a listing that just dropped in price before hitting the road to visit with my sister. I'm so looking forward to it! That said, I have a lot of updating to do so I best get to it. Of course, I'll check in on you guys first. ;)


Maggie said...

Congrats on your new position!!! Seems like everyone is getting good news lately! You'll do great!

lavenderdiva said...

When do you start your new job? I'm SO excited for you! Luv that you're going to learn more about holistic stuff. That'll really help with your new position too.

Your steak day worked!! How amazing that you lost the exact amount of what you gained- You've really stabilized. I really think your new thyroid Rx is doing the trick!!

love you!

Kathryn said...

That is a superb idea about getting into the area of holistic health care. It is a natural next step for you. I could really see you opening your own hcg clinic combined with naturopathic care. You are following a path that you are passionate about and everything will fall into place.