Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 32 LM - 118.6 (+2 of LDW)

I'm late. Sorry. It's been a nutty couple of days. I had a completely unexpected gain Saturday (I ate so clean P3 Friday because I had a wine meet up on Saturday and wanted to feel totally free to eat what I liked without thought - I was up 1.5 pounds! HAS to be hormonal as I should have lost). That night I went ahead as planned so I knew I'd have a gain and the HCG Gods have smiled leaving me EXACTLY 2 pounds over LDW. Hopefully tomorrow I won't need a steak day but if so, cest la vie!

Now. I am giving you homework! You MUST, MUST, MUST watch this video. I absolutely insist.

Love you all and will try to catch up!


Lis said...

Glad you insisted - it was very good! :)+2 is not bad me dear.... bet the steak stays in the fridge!
Love and hugs!

lavenderdiva said...

This was great homework: Love, love LOVE this video! Thank you for sharing it!! My problem is that I LOVE being alone too much! I much prefer being alone to being with people, and that includes Mr. ld. That may sound bad, but I didn't get married until very late in life, and was VERY used to doing everything by myself: going out to eat, going to the movies, shopping, anything. I loved being on my own schedule, accountable to only me. Most people though, are afraid of being alone-- it's very unfamiliar to them. They don't know what to do with themselves.

I love that you went ahead with your plans for your wine meet-up and enjoyed yourself. I feel certain that this weight bump is hormonal, and you'll see a drop soon. Just keep drinking your water, and sorta watch what you eat.

love you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for insisting we watch the video! I enjoyed it! I like being by myself, too. I have a house full of family and friends for a majority of the day. When I get time to be alone I enjoy it!

I hope the scale is kind and you don't need to do a steak day.