Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 30 LM - 116.1 (-.6 of LDW)

Thank you for the sweet comments. LD, that was incredibly insightful of you. It hadn't completely occurred to me that given his situation, he simply didn't have the energy to put up the facade any longer.  I went over what happened with my husband and that man is 100% in my corner. I am so incredibly grateful. I'm grateful for your support as well. Thank you!

My migraine decided to leave me a little earlier than it normally does. HOORAY!

I've been working on my real estate website today. Still in my jammies at almost 1 pm! I am going to get dressed and do some shopping. Gotta get out of the house!

OH, the woman who hired me for her clinic is going to start training me once the kids are back in school later this month. I know good things are coming my way and I'm thrilled!

Off to check in on all y'all. Thanks for checking in with me!


lavenderdiva said...

Sometimes when you're in the thick of an emotional situation, its much easier for someone not emotionally involved to see it for what it is. Were the situation reversed, you would have seen it too. I'm so glad your honey is supportive of your position too.

I get lots of work done when I spend the day in my jammies!

I know GOOD things are in store for you too!! Your new position at the clinic is just the beginning-

love you!

Kathryn said...

LD always puts it in perspective - I love her eloquent way of doing so.

About the situation with your brother ...what I have noticed is that when someone decides to make serious changes in their life, others do not follow for various reasons - jealousy, insecurity, confusion. You have made some serious life changes on a number of levels and I think your brother has recognized that and realizes that he can no longer fool you or others into thinking that you are the one with the problem. I really hope that he can start the journey to change himself and that maybe some day the two of you can relate to each other on a new meaningful level.

P.s. I really admire your strong, happy relationship with your husband. It is such a blessing.

Hugs to you.

Lis said...

Love that you are back and that things are going well!! You are so STABLE and I dont mean just the weight! :)
Love you!

Holistic Health Coach-Tri Mom said...

You are so strong, and have so many wonderful supportive people around you. Im sorry your brother isnt currently one of them but so glad you have everyone else to support you! You deserve it since you support so many of us!

helderheid said...

I love you guys!