Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 39 LM - 117.4 (+ .7 of LDW)

4.6! Bwah! I knew I'd have a gain because I ate anything and everything I wanted to last evening. Breakfast and lunch were nice and healthy, and then  baked brownies. I figured since I was so under my LDW that I could afford one. Well, then I got the left over champagne and had that over ice in the afternoon. THEN, friends came over to drop their kids off for a sleepover and they ended up staying late into the night and we ate pizza (I had several slices with jalapeños which ALWAYS make me gain) and polished off some wine from that Castle Creek Winery. The food combinations were a guaranteed gain. 4.6?? Wow. However, this worked well with the carb cycling (AR, kinda sorta doing this! Working on it!).

So today I've been eating clean, however we spent 4 hours at a water park and I do have a slight sunburn, which I know can also translate into a gain, so no matter what the scale says tomorrow, I shall not freak. I shall not.

My foot has about the same mobility as it did yesterday. I'm anxious to get to the bottom of this and fix it I did drive today and was okay to do that. I do have an offer from my friend to be my chauffeur if need be. Thank GOD for good friends.

And now, you absolutely owe it to yourselves to check out this article. I had no idea this hormone was banned in Canada and 27 European countries!

Thank you again SO MUCH for being in my corner and expressing your concern for me. Love you.


lavenderdiva said...

OK that article was scary. How are we supposed to know if we are ingesting it, if its not required to be on food labels?

Again, please don't worry about your weight. You are well-stabilized, and are within your 2lb zone. You are eating well, and your body is responding. Your body will respond to your intake today, tomorrow. I'll bet you see a drop tomorrow. No matter what: You Shall Not Freak. (I like that 11th commandment!)

Glad to hear that your foot has improved slightly. Will you make a Dr.'s appt tomorrow? Or do you have one already? I saw a picture of those shoes today, and thought of you. After seeing them, its no wonder that they might have aggravated your foot, with that curved sole. That would put a lot of stress on your leg & the ball of your foot, it would seem.

I'm always in your corner-- love you!

Lis said...

I agree LD - scary what they do to food!! And she is right again - you are stable, within your zone, and I love the 11th commandment... need to listen myself! :)
Keep us posted on the foot - sending healing thoughts your way!
Love and hugs!

helderheid said...


I'm really not worried about the weight, just blown! WOW! 4.6 in one day! gads!! :) I'm in range, no worries.

I'll make my doctor appt. tomorrow and plan on doing an HCG coach training locally Tuesday. I can make it that far.

Love that you're in my corner!

Lis and LD, we should make that the 11th commandment! Thou shall not freak. :)

Love you both!!!

chipmunck said...

Lavenderdiva- I know that many companies are saying when they DON'T include it. Costco Ice cream seems to be good, add your own flavor to it? I like vanilla anyways. heh.

Thanks helderheid for sharing that!! I really needed to read that, though I won't get ice cream for a while. But think of the kids!!! :) I can't believe American Government is so sloppy in helping us be a healthier society. How can a government official (bless her heart) try to get our kids to be healthier, yet the laws that come out of the same establishment be so bad for us? I hope she (Mrs. Obama) can work on changing some laws for the betterment of the people. (THis is me laughing that I typed that.).. I'm so cynical, but hey! :) heh.

You are doing very well though, don't beat yourself up. I couldn't stay that close to my LDW. So you should be so proud of yourself! Remember- those occasional oops should be easier to correct now a days for us! :) So enjoy those eating moments, and just do better tomorrow where you can!

Kathryn said...

Just remember that it can come off as quickly as it went on. Some water and clean eating should reverse the gain entirely.

So glad your foot is feeling at least a little better. Glad you're checking it out. Hugs to you.