Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 34 LM - 117.8 (+1.1 of LDW)


I've decided to get my Certificate in Holistic Nutrition Consulting, and eventually my Diploma in Holistic Health Practice. I found a school that I'm very much interested in that does correspondence courses! I'm thinking I'll start after my next closing. I believe it's the perfect match for what it is that I want to do. I missed a call from the school but I will wait to call them back when I'm not telling my kids every 5 seconds to stop whatever annoying thing it is they're doing. Ah, the end of Summer!!

I'm up a bit again today. I am far more comfy in my skin when I'm closer to 115. I know, I know. I'm within my range, I shouldn't complain, but 3 extra pounds on a 5' tall person makes a huge difference, believe me. I had champagne last night to celebrate my listing going under contract. I suspect that may be the culprit. Eating clean.

Though this is not so clean, here is a very interesting article about how important it is to eat something, anything, for breakfast.

Hope you're all well - off to check! :)


Jen Payne said...

Sounds like another fun adventure in your life! you have been doing amazing with your maintenance!! I loved the article. It is funny to learn that we really need to EAT in order to keep that metabolism running high!

Kathryn said...

You have all your duck in a row with this plan. It is such a natural path for you to go down now. You will have the professional designation to open your own clinic if you choose to. So proud of you!

lavenderdiva said...

I can't tell you HOW perfect I think this educational path is for you!! I agree with Kathryn that you could open your own clinic when you're certified! This could be the door opening to a whole new career path for you! Its absolutely perfect!! Your abilities and aptitudes are uniquely aligned in this direction. I'm so glad you discovered this program, and you are going to do it. Have you registered for your first set of courses yet? How long, overall, will it take you to complete?

Don't worry about the weight- no doubt it will come off in the next few days. Just remember to drink lots of water.

Very interesting article about breakfast. I didn't used to eat breakfast, but am now a strict convert. Its what gets my motor going in the mornings. Even when I am on P2, I must eat something.

love you much!

nikkispower said...

It's wonderful to read that you're on that steady track to inner fulfillment and outer sucess!
Great article about breakfast! I'm wondering how to fit that in with the protocol?