Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 27 LM - ?

Day 25 I was way up at 119.9. Yesterday and today I have had no access to a scale, nor will I tomorrow.

I have a lot I need to say but I spent 9 hours on the road without coffee or food (turned today into a steak day given the circumstances). Needless to say, I'm spent. I have had some serious epiphanies that I need to share and will when I have both the time and energy.

I'll catch up with us all ASAP.

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lavenderdiva said...

This is lifetime maintenance for you. You know that you will have ups and downs in your weight, but you've experienced that already, and you have steadfastly maintained at your LDW. It will go up a bit, and then it will come down. Don't worry.

When you get to a stopping place, and are able to, write down everything you're feeling-- get it all out. You'll feel so much better. As always, you are in my heart and in my thoughts...

love you much-