Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 22 LM - 117.2 (+.5 , + .5 of LDW)

We ate out for lunch with my sister yesterday and had the most delicious meal! We shared a grilled portobello mushroom appetizer with some divine sauce, a wedge with blue cheese, and then I had grilled salmon with lemon cream sauce, and pinot noir. For dessert, creme brule! Soooooo good!

I'm feeling anxious today. Part of it is missing my husband. I really do have withdrawals.


Darby said...

creme brulee-my very favorite!!
I have always said to my husband, (particualrly when we are traveling or trying out a new restaurant)well, if there is creme brulee on the dessert menu, you know I'm getting matter if I'm stuffed or dieting.
HOWEVER-I'M SO PROUD OF MYSELF: haha last week when I was out with a friend, she spotted it on the dessert menu and I told her it is my MUST HAVE. Well she ordered one for herself and I didn't. (She didn't even offer me a spoonful, but I'm glad she didn't)

helderheid said...

I am SO the same way!!! I must have it. It's an absolute must, however I don't even think of it on HCG! :)

Kathryn said...

Yes - that is what I keep reminding myself. HH would stay strong on protocol - that is why you have been so successful and been able to stabilize so well because you were strict on P2!! I am using your example as my strength of committment right now!!Creme brule will have to wait for me until P4 but is does definitely sound good! So glad you are enjoying yourself on vacation.

lavenderdiva said...

Yummy! Sounds like that meal was pretty much P3 AND delicious!

So glad to hear you're enjoying your visit with your family. When do you head home to your honey?

much love to you-