Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 38 LM - 112.8 (- 3.9 of LDW)

I was shocked by this morning's weigh in, though I suppose I shouldn't be. I was still in disbelief about yesterday's weigh in and half expected it to be the same or back up to 117 or so, however because of my scare with my foot, I really couldn't eat. My stomach was in knots all afternoon and all I had yesterday was coffee with cream, and 2 chicken breasts with tobasco and sour cream. I had lots of iced tea and water, so I believe the high protein low carb caused the drop.

I'm feeling a little better today. I have a bit more mobility in my foot and ankle, though I'm resting it as much as I can. I'm hoping I can drive Monday as I really cannot afford to be stopped in my tracks, so to speak. Fortunately this happened on a Friday and my husband can take care of the driving this weekend, and I'm very lucky this happened so close to home that he could walk to the parking lot and pick up my car. I am so very grateful this didn't happen on my road trip!

NO MORE SHAPE-UP SHOES FOR ME. I will make an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon as soon as I can as I'm almost positive it's an issue with my tendon, not a broken toe after all. Hopefully it won't take much to fix it and hopefully it's as simple as that. The whole thing has had me so unnerved. At first I thought it might have been neurological because I was telling my foot to flex up and it just wouldn't, but now I am having physical sensations in near the base of my toes and up through part of my calf that I'm not having on the other side. Clearly this is some physical damage to the area. I reckon it was due to the years of hardcore exercise I'd done and I've somehow re-injured some part that never fully healed. I pray this is the case and it's nothing scarier.

I've been concentrating on eating a lot more balanced today. Breakfast was 2 hardboiled eggs, lunch was a whole wheat tortilla with lemon wasabi sauce, a half a tomato and half an avocado. Lunch was divine. I also ate an entire lemon (I know, I'm weird).

That's my little update. My son's birthday presents appear to be lost in transit (DOH!). We're taking him and some friends to a water park tomorrow for a little party. MAYBE his presents will arrive today!



lavenderdiva said...

Is it your son's birthday tomorrow? If so, then we share a birthday!

I really think you nailed it with your analysis of your foot condition. I'm sure your seeing an orthopedist will help ease your mind. He will be able to tell you what is going on and why. Are you elevating it? I'm glad to hear that you are putting the shape-up shoes away.

Your weigh-in this morning isn't surprising, given what you ate yesterday, and the fact that your body is holding on like mad to your LDW. What you ate today should help bring the number up a little- you ate some good fats today. All good!

Have fun with your family tomorrow! love you-

Anonymous said...

Hope the presents arrived! Lowcarb seems good to your weigh in but sorry about the foot being the reason for not eating much. Hope it heals!!

Anonymous said...

I have Shape Ups. I'm guessing they may of contributed to my upper back problems when I was nursing a bulging disc. I haven't worn them since that time.

Are you still carb cycling? It seems your body likes the higher protein! Nice loss!

Happy Bday to your guy...Enjoy his day!

Jen Payne said...

Kind of scary with the foot, but I am sure it will be resolved soon. Very nice to see the high protein days will be an effective tool ;) I need to kick my own butt in gear. Knowing you are doing another round really messes with your mind :)