Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 36 LM - 117.3 (+.6 of LDW)

Thanks to ALL of you for your encouragement regarding my decision to further my education in holistic health nutrition! Your faith in me means the world to me!

Yesterday I was at 118, did a modified steak day and today I'm down .7. Hmmm. Full moon is coming up. I highly suspect this is TOM.

I did pick up size 2 Calvin Klein jeans at Costco yesterday and they fit like a glove.

I realize I need to switch gears (I know I've said this before, but old habits die hard) and stop worrying so much about the # on the scale, and more about exercise, balanced diet, and how I feel.

It's storming here and I'm waiting for the storm to pass. I need to run to the liquor store and buy some wine from Castle Creek Winery in Moab. I and the other 2 co-organizers of the Utah Wine Club are meeting this evening with one of the representatives from that winery. I'm really looking forward to it!

I'm off to check in on all y'all! Sorry I've been so scarce...


lavenderdiva said...

Yep. Old habits die VERY hard. Its so hard not to measure your success, or how you feel, by that number whether its the one on the scale, or the one on the tag in the clothing. But you are right: we need to concentrate more on how we feel. You MUST feel wonderful, knowing how well you've stabilized, and how well your body is responding to correction days if you do see a blip.

When do you start your classes for this new certificate program? Will it be this fall? soon?

Hope you had fun with your wine group!!

love you much!

Lis said...

Size 2!! Awesome! :) We are still running those old tapes - crazy how hard it is to NOT worry about the scale. You are exactly right, thanks for the reminder!
Does wine in Utah have a lower alcohol content like the 3.2 beer?
Glad you are going where you need to be!
Love you!

Lis said...

To LD - hope you are well, love and miss you lotsa! You are so special! Love love love to you!