Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 40 LM - 116.9 (+ .2 of LDW)

It's an absolute miracle I lost, as my sunburn was more extensive than at first glance. Yikes! So, clean eating worked despite the burn. Probably would have worked a tad better had I not baked! :)

Foot update - still not as mobile as I'd like it to be and swollen, however it seems a little better. I made an appointment for September 15th. In the mean time, I am driving short distances and will start my HCG shadowing at the clinic closest to me tomorrow! I am SO excited about this.

Today my little boy turned 10! I just cannot believe it's been 10 years. His presents didn't arrive so I canceled the order and went to a store and just bought him his presents there. They're wrapped and waiting for him. Today is also the first day of school so we had to rush his little party this morning. We had cheesecake (me too, though only a sliver - sugar truly makes me ill now), and tonight we're having cheese fondue (though I'll have mine with an apple rather than bread) which is our tradition. I'm not sure how it ended up our tradition, but it did. I kinda hope my kids continue it when they're grown.

Thanks again for all your loving support! Hope all y'all update me soon!


Jen Payne said...

Who is "stable mabel" now :) Great job! Hard to believe how fast they grow up! Can't wait to hear how your new job goes. You will be such a help for so many people.

nikkispower said...

Great loss!

lavenderdiva said...

I love Jen P's 'Stable Mabel'!!! You ARE!

I'm so excited to hear how your day goes tomorrow at the clinic!! This is such a wonderful door opening for you, and I just know that a lot of opportunities will be coming your way from it. You are SO perfectly suited for it!

I'll be starting my next round next week, so I should be back to a more regular posting schedule then-

love you!

chipmunck said...

Way To Go!! :) So happy for you. What a boost for your day!

Happy Birthday to your 10 year old! :) I LOVE traditions! :)

Anonymous said...

You are going to be such a bonus to your new employer. Let us know all about your first day!

When you have children the years seem to fly by at times. Enjoy your little one's (not so little) bday.