Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Done with the drain (knock on wood)!

Evening, my peeps!

It's GONE. I was so worried it was going to be as painful as the last time, but knew at least it would only be the one side this time. I gave myself a good pep talk and went in.

She snipped out the stitches holding it in which was uncomfortable but bearable. She then asked me if I wanted to know when she was going to yank it out. I whimpered, "I don't know!" and she smiled and said "It's done!". What? It's done? I didn't even feel it! "This is what I've been dreading all day? That was nothing!" What a relief! So now you know, drains going back don't hurt either direction. Not a bit.

She checked that spot where the infected stitch was removed and said it needs to dry out a bit more so less neosporin. It was a relief that it didn't need to be restitched.

As soon as the incision scabs where I had the drain, I can bathe. YES!

Now it's a wait and see. I have an appointment to go back Friday to make sure the same thing doesn't happen again with the excess fluid.  Please think flat tummy normalcy thoughts for me. I would really like to just shut up and heal now, thank you very much. :)

Oh, I tried on my size 4s today and managed to button them but juuuuust barely. I asked her again when I could realistically expect the swelling to be down as I was sure I hadn't gained THAT much weight over the holidays! 3 months for the breasts to be totally normal and 6 MONTHS for the tummy. Okay, that said, being able to button the 4s is probably a good sign. I am so glad I've not gotten rid of my size 6s! They were getting so loose but I'm sure they'll serve me well as I deflate.

I'm thinking I MAY buy more HCG for a potential round 6 months down the line, just in cases. Like a smoker who quits but needs a security blanket and has a carton of cigarettes in the back of their closet, I'll have that HCG there knowing that I can ALWAYS do another round. Silly as that may seem, I think it might help me relax and goodness knows I can use all the peace I can get. I am so very highly sprung.

My thoughts are with you all who are releasing, stabilizing, gearing up for surgery, and looking for steady work. XOXO You're in the Light.


lavenderdiva said...

I'll just bet those size 4's fit fine in a couple of weeks! Your healing is coming along just fine, and I'm SO relieved to hear that your appointment today was pain-free! That is good news indeed.

Thank you for the good thoughts! Sending some back to you too-

helderheid said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Lis said...

Hooray! Pain free, and what a relief to be done with that part! I know what you mean about having a security blanket - I have two extra rounds of hcg stored up too! ;) Just in case!

Christy in Seattle said...

Thinking flat thoughts ... but only for your belly, not your boobies! ;)