Friday, January 8, 2010

Say it with me... NO MORE DRAINS!!!!

He checked me today and poked my belly. It's hard and swollen but NORMAL! I am sooooooooo happy!

The not so happy is the place where he removed the infected stitch. It's just not closing. This was the unpleasant part of the visit. He had me lay down while he went into that spot and pull out sutures that weren't dissolving. That stung a bit and was totally nerve wracking. I gasped at one point and he asked if he'd hurt me and I responded, "No, I tend to overreact." to which he replied totally straight faced, "You overreact?". I love this man's dry humor! :) Anyway, that didn't last too long thank goodness and I can only hope now this damned spot closes over. He put some neosporin and a big bandaid on in.

So here are the answers to the questions I had:

1. 6 weeks post-op I should be able to resume vigorous exercise.

2. I can sleep on my side so long as I'm comfy doing so.

3. I need to wear a bra at night as long as that spot is still open. After that, I'm done! (I actually typed "nose" instead of "done" first - WTH?!?) I'm nose!

YEA FOR RECOVERING!!! :D I don't see him again until Jan 20!!

Thanks again for listening to me! *HUG*


Christy in Seattle said...

Hopefully, you're done with setbacks. What do you have to do to the girls? Don't you have to massage them and stuff, or does that not start yet?

helderheid said...

Yes, every day I need to stretch them up, down, in, and out, as hard as i can for the rest of my life. I'm sure hubby will be happy to help. :)

lavenderdiva said...

That's terrific news about your drain and your tummy! I'm so glad you are over the hump there. And with the super-lightning-quick speed that you are healing, I'll bet your infected stitch will also be over and done with in no time!

Lis said...

Hooray for no more drains! Happy that you are done with it!

helderheid said...

I am nose!