Thursday, January 7, 2010

Not much to report but report I must

I find that blogging daily really helps me mentally and emotionally which must help me physically, so here I am. Day 1 drain free. My tummy is extended, however it isn't doing that waterbed thing so I believe all is well. I am back tomorrow at the doctor to make sure.

I must, must, must remember these 3 questions before I go in.

1. What is MY time frame for exercise/cleaning/physical activity since I had complications?

2. How long do I have to wear the bra at night?

3. When can I sleep on my side?

I am, of course, curious about sex as well, but I figure that falls under question 1. We've already done some work arounds.

I'm both anxious to get back in the game and yet also wish I didn't have obligations awaiting me. I feel that pressure and I hate that.

Hugs and kisses and a report post doctor tomorrow. :D


lavenderdiva said...

I'm glad your day today went so well. Every day you're getting a little better, and more and more back to normal. I remember after my breast augmentation, that it was a good 3 weeks before I could lift my arms up above my head. You're so far past that, my head is spinning!

Jen Payne said...

Yeah, things seem to be getting better! I hope you get all the answers you need today. And maybe even the go ahead for sex :) I am anxious for my last consult monday and ready to make a decision :) If I keep things with Bindrup then I will be in surgery on the 19th.


Caitlin said...

One more day closer to full recovery! You are doing great and I am sure once you are able to do those little things (ie. sex and cleaning ;) lol!) you will feel more and more like yourself.

helderheid said...

Maybe I can figure out how to do both at once! Heheheh!