Tuesday, January 26, 2010

THAT'S better. -2.5 pounds

I've just set the pot of water on for more green tea. :) In counting calories, I went WAY over but the steaks and tea did the trick. 121.5 today. If I can eat clean, clean, clean and get my water/tea in, I am confident I'll continue to move in the right direction with the scale. I am worried though that I'm not getting enough fiber so I think I'll have some julian bread today and see how that goes. Well, maybe tomorrow. I don't want to rock the boat! Lesson learned when trying to release... AVOID SODIUM! I love those chicken balls but I simply have to wait until I'm at or under LDW.

My son has a field trip to one of the local TV stations today. Yesterday they did some kind of weather experiment in their class and then were quizzed on it. A few kids, my son included, got 100% of the quiz correct. That gave those students an opportunity to write an essay about the experiment and two of those would be chosen to do the noon weather report on TV. So proud to say my son is one of the two! Can't wait to see my little meteorologist!

Thanks for all the kind and encouraging words yesterday! I was more than just a little freaked out at the scale and I really appreciate you all talking me down!

Hope it's great for you today!


Jen Payne said...

The only times I have really freaked out on this protocol is when the scale moves for no obvious reasons! There is nothing more frustrating. But nice to know that the steak day works! On my steak days I eat 2 hard boiled eggs in the morning and then nothing until around 4:30. Then a huge steak (at least 1 lb or more). Then 2 oz of cheese later in the evening. That always gives me 2.5 - 3.0 drop the next day :) You are doing great! I think I would cut off my pinky finger to be 121 lbs :)


helderheid said...

Oh thanks! Ooooh, I'll have to try your version of a steak day - sounds TOTALLY doable!! How are ya feeling?

helderheid said...

Oh and Jen, you're probably a LOT taller than I am... I'm 5' tall. :)

Christy in Seattle said...

Awesome! Go you!!!

lavenderdiva said...

Sorry for the late response, my friend- WOW! What a great response to your steak day: -2.5lbs!! I know most of it had to be water retention from that sodium. Have no fear that you WILL reach your goal weight waaaayyy before your Feb. goal. You're well on the way!!

Hugs to you-

Holistic Health Coach-Tri Mom said...

Im so nervous about P3...esp since reading everyone's posts about gaining and losing and gaining and losing...though it seems that steak day is really the answer. My only hope is that I dont have to do steak day every day.

Congrats on getting to 121...I so hope I can get down that much and stick with it. Glad to have your posts to help with some inspiration and motivation. And speaking of that, I'm in the process of writing a book on HCG success stories...including before and after pics, background, tips/tricks, and recipes, and I was wondering if you would like to be interviewed/be a contributer? You can reach me at kellymn72@yahoo.com or via my blog mymomtris.com . Would love for you to be a part of it!

helderheid said...

Thank you everyone!

Holisitc, YES, I would LOVE to be a part of your book!

Beaker said...

Remember me?

I came here totally expecting an abandoned blog, like mine has been. Instead, I find out you've kept the weight off and are still going strong.

I had to go back to mid-April to catch up on all I've missed. I spent way too much time doing that, but it was worth it.

Love the flat stomach!

Way to go!! I'm so proud of you.

helderheid said...