Monday, January 4, 2010

Gearing up to drive with the drain!

I'm dressed, without the girdle, and so far pretty comfy with hopes this drive will be non-eventful. I have one rent check ready to be deposited and a kid stool in my car for my son to check the mail for me to see if any others came in. I can do this, I can do this, I can do this.

My mother sent me this article from the Daily Om about healing vibrations.  I went to iTunes and downloaded this most WONDERFUL CD for healing and chakra balancing. I am loving it. I highly recommend it. I am hoping it will help progress my healing. I can tell you I already feel more peaceful. It's beautiful.

I am right on track for having the drain removed on Wednesday. A day that, again, I dread but am also so looking forward to. I will feel much more free.

Technically I can wear a normal bra without an underwire tomorrow and I have 3 I bought waiting for me, but that spot where he removed the infected stitch still isn't closed. I emailed a somewhat blurry picture to the office but she said it didn't look infected and was probably just slow to heal and that it could wait until Wednesday to be seen. I will wait until that spot is healed before I do the new bras. I have neosporin on it and a gauze pad. Hopefully it will seal up soon.

Hope this wasn't too much info! I'm feeling so much better. Thanks again for all the support! I think it's so cool that I have you all to listen to me and to cheer me on. :)

Love ya!


I drove and survived!


lavenderdiva said...

Hello friend! Look at you gearing up and getting out and about! I'm very proud of you: looking that drain squarely in the face and saying, 'No, you don't win'.

I am so amazed at your healing progress. How are your boobs healing? Can you sit up and lay down by yourself yet? How is it lifting your arms?

That tube is gonna come out Wednesday, and there's no stopping you!!

gentle hugs to you, being careful of the drain.....

helderheid said...

Hey you! ***HHHHUUUGGG****

If I didn't have this drain, I could take over the world. I shouldn't be lifting my arms, but I can. I get in and out of bed no problem. I just have that one spot that I'm worried about not healing where the infected stitch was. Think good thoughts! Can't wait to see how your day went!!!

Lis said...

Tremendous news! Its wonderful that you are getting around so well! I am thinking Wednesday is going to be a banner day for you!
Thanks for the cd info - I will have to check that out!
Yea ~ healing hugs all around!!

Stephanie said...

That cd sounds amazing. I love peaceful, healing music. Nothing else is quite as effective at putting me in a relaxed state.
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