Sunday, January 3, 2010

Nervous about tomorrow


Well, tomorrow is the big day. The kids are going back to school and I have to get back to work, only I will still have this drain!! I honestly don't know if I can drive with it. Unfortunately, I had a total of 35 ml drainage so the drain stays until it's 3 days in a row of 25 ml or less. I believe today may be day 1 as it has slowed tremendously. Still, this leaves me with at least 2 days of ferrying the kids to and from school. I find that if I don't wear the girdle, it's less painful so perhaps if I could just manage the driving girdle free.

Sorry about all the complaining. It's hard feeling out of control and helpless. I hate too that I have no idea what's happening weight wise. I have a steak so I'm doing a steak day. No clue if I need to. That said, I have started logging my calories again, just for some sense of control in my life now.

I not only am a Realtor, but a property manager as well. I am still waiting on 2 rent checks to come in. Unfortunately, the post office box is the top row and I'm 5' tall and shouldn't be stretching. This means I either send my son (who is 9 but about as tall as I am ) with a step stool and have him get the mail for me, or I have my husband do it after work and I make the deposit the next day. Either way, it's a pain. I really need just 1 more week of extra help.

I sure am enjoying reading all your blogs. It really helps me feel connected! Love to all y'all and CONGRATS  to you guys starting another round with your kick ass losses! I am impressed!


Christy in Seattle said...

I'm feeling just a little sorry for myself today, too. This flu isn't done with me, evidently, or either I'm coming down with the cold that Tod brought into the house Thursday night. He's coming down with the flu, poor guy!

So, let's have a pity party!

lavenderdiva said...

aarrgh. I'm sorry that the drain is so uncomfortable, and is making you so miserable. Let's hope that it comes out Wednesday of this week, and it will all be over and done with.

From my own experience with plastic surgery (having gone through it several times), each time the healing takes longer and is a bit more uncomfortable than the Dr. originally shared with me. However, I think it is much like childbirth: it hurts a lot more than they tell you about, but once its over, and you have a beautiful result, you forget all the discomfort, and sometimes go through it all over again!

I think you're going to be pleasantly surprised by your weight too- It may have fluctuated a little bit, but I truly don't think its anything that won't come off quickly, once you are completely healed, and aren't retaining fluids due to your body healing.

love to you.....

Lis said...

Not fun! Being short is hard work, I'll tell ya! At least you have only two more days to go... thats progress! And its nice your kids can help if need be. I am looking forward to Wednesday for you!

I agree with Lavenderdiva - you had stabilized so well I will bet that you are right where you should be once you are recouped from your surgery! Even without a steak day here and there!

Brandi said...

You are doing great..I'm sorry that it's so painful though. :(