Wednesday, January 27, 2010

tee-hee... bacon...

Yea, remember that whole avoid sodium thing? Heh. Bacon and eggs for dinner.

My husband took the kids out last night to buy me a birthday cake and presents and brought home some chili infused chocolate as well... and I'm afraid I couldn't resist it, so much for the low carb deal as well.

I'm up to 122.3 today, and I've made a decision. I've told my fitness program that I want to maintain this weight. I know this sounds ridiculous, but I was feeling so much pressure from the program it was stressing me out. :) I know what I'm doing and how to release these 5 or so pounds without the program, so as I release, I will simply tell the program to maintain that new weight. Pressure gone. I am still a little swollen, I weigh what I did when I met my husband, I wear a 4, and I'm healthy. Yes, I would love to be 117 pounds, but I won't stake my happiness on that. I'm still healing and priority #1 has to be my health and feeding my body what it needs to repair itself. I have HCG on its way and can do another short round in May, if I need or want to.

Breakfast? Coffee with half and half and a slice of Julian Bread with butter. Divine.

On a completely separate subject, I have set my DVR to record the Tyra Bank's Show today. It's about a 7 year old and an 8 year old who are transgender. My nephew was born a girl but we always knew the day would come when he'd say he was actually a boy. So far I'm really impressed with how his friends have accepted him as a boy. He's even had a girlfriend (he's 15). I think this is one of the most misunderstood conditions. Hopefully the show will help people to understand that it isn't about being gay (which I am also supportive of), it's about being another gender entirely.

My nephew wants to get the hormone treatments as soon as he can, but his father is resistant unfortunately. He is also saving money for an operation to change his sex officially. I spent about as much on myself to enhance my femininity. I hope to figure out how to raise money for him when the time comes.


Holistic Health Coach-Tri Mom said...

i love and miss bacon...

re the book, let me know how to contact you via email or phone (mine is, and maybe we could even discuss co-authorship? Looking forward to it!

Christy in Seattle said...

I'm SO glad that you've made the decision not to stress so much about those last 5 pounds. I'm sure that Mr. H will be very glad, too. :)

As to transgender, it is really misunderstood. Here's hoping that your nephew gets some good counseling through all of this.

lavenderdiva said...

Yummy, BACON! I love bacon! I just bought a cookbook totally devoted to bacon- who woulda thunk that? a whole book devoted to different ways of preparing and serving bacon! Its always the first thing I make when I get to P3!

Is today your birthday? If it is, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You deserve to enjoy yourself today, with chili-chocolate, birthday cake, and bacon and eggs!

I'm so glad you've taken the pressure off of yourself about a weight 'number'. I think you will be just as successful this way, but won't be 'under the gun', as it were. I'll bet Mr. helderheid will be happier with you thinking this way too.

I'm very impressed with your nephew's friends too- Its wonderful they are accepting of him, and value his uniqueness. And his girlfriend too. I think scientists are learning more about how things can happen prenatally in the womb, to the fetus. I don't know what causes it, but do know its real. I hope he can find the support he needs in his immediate family to follow through with his tranformation.

Many, many birthday hugs to you, my friend! And may all your birthday wishes comes true for you! XX

helderheid said...

Hey guys! Thanks! I know Mr. H. will be much happier with my new attitude. I've not actually talked to him about my decision but he'll surely feel it. :)

My birthday is actually tomorrow. I'll be 35. I'm finally relaxing about being a grown up ;) I plan on having fondu (our tradition) and cake.

Thank you guys for being there for me! Kelly, I'm sorry I missed your call - my day went nuts. I'm anxious to talk to you!