Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thank you all very much.

First, I want to say how much I appreciate your love and support. I deleted the post about my brother when I discovered that if you googled his name, my blog came up and I really hadn't intended for people to find this blog that way, if you know what I mean. That aside, your comments mean a great deal to me and the support and love you shared with me gave me comfort.

Small update. I went to the doctor today and was given the go ahead to start exercising, albeit slowly and to listen very carefully to my body. I told him I planned on starting with yoga. He seemed very pleased with that. My plan is 21 days straight of yoga. Studies show it takes 21 days to make or break a habit so I thought some light yoga for 21 days before adding in other exercise will not only give my body a chance to get used to it again, but also build that healthy habit.

Tomorrow, after 6 weeks of not doing so, I weigh in. I am nervous. I am also in my size 4s still, so even if the number is scary, I can't complain and I know in 4.5 months I can do another short round if need be. I ordered the HCG this morning. If I need it, fine. If not, fine. I may use it before the holidays as a cleanse if I don't need it for any added weight. In any case, I ordered my security blanket.

Last night I went out with a few girlfriends and we had appetizers at a Mexican restaurant. Very salty. fat, and carby. That said, today is a steak day before my first weigh in tomorrow. Tomorrow, I'm thinking of doing a cheese and apple day, using fondu. I LOVE dipping apple in fondu. Sounds heavenly, and I'm interested in seeing the results as I know many have had greater success in using an apple and cheese day (1 apple and 2 ounces of cheese for 3 meals) than a steak day. Again, I don't even know if I'll need it.  I'm thinking my new breasts add 1.5-2 extra pounds so my new stable weight should be around 117 or so.

I'll take some pictures of the new bod soon so you can get an idea. I LOVE how flat my tummy is! The breasts are beginning to soften. :)

Again, thanks for all the support. I may be traveling to Oregon for my brother's memorial soon. Monday was hell. I was the one to break the news to my brother and sister.



Christy in Seattle said...

Sending good thoughts!

lavenderdiva said...

dear friend, let me again say how very sorry I am for you, your brother's family, and others in your family. How are your parents doing? All of you are in my prayers.

You are going to be surprised tomorrow with your weigh-in-- in a good way. I think you're far closer to your LDW/LLW than you think you are. Especially since you are still fitting into your size 4's. Your yoga plan is excellent. You are going to enjoy the stretching and the movement. You'll also feel good exercising! I'm still AMAZED at how quickly you recovered and how well you are healing!!!!!! much love to you....

Lis said...

You are going to be just fine! Lavenderdiva is right, if those 4's are fitting, you are golden! Fingers are crossed, but I know it will be all good! :)