Monday, January 25, 2010

What the...? *sigh*

2.2 ... GAIN. I have no idea what caused this. I ate 30 carbs and 120 grams of protein. Salt - it's the only thing I can attribute it to. That and possible TOM (no uterus so I never know). I ate these absolutely scrumptious organic chicken/cheese/spinach balls you can get at Costco. It is DEEEELISH, but loaded with sodium. I'm just depressed. I am right around where I ended up after R2. Again though, this has to be water as I didn't eat 7000+ extra calories.

Mr. helderheid said this morning, "I liked it better when you weren't weighing everyday."

I have 2 filets left from my 4 pack from Costco and they have to be eaten today so it'll be a steak day today. I'm thinking tomorrow I may either do Jay Robb protein shakes or chicken and eggs. I'm going to also look around online for a candida diet.

Lavenderdiva, antibiotics kill off the good stuff in your gut which can cause a fungal overgrowth. Cravings include sugar, carbs, and alcohol. I'm not having terrible cravings but I was on antibiotics for 3 weeks.

So foo foo. I've changed my goal to 119 by 2/12. I'm really hoping this is a fluke. This is the only time since I started weighing that I was surprised. I knew after the pizza and wings I'd have a gain, and I lost on all the days I expected to. I was fully expecting a nice drop this morning. So, it will be interesting to see if I can get a grip here. Oh 100 teens... come back!


Christy in Seattle said...


Your body is going through A LOT! Unless you're weighing every day with manufacturing scales, which don't have a tolerance of +/- 2 pounds, this may not even be accurate. It's not time to panic, C.

helderheid said...

You're right... you're right...

*deep breath*

Thanks, Christy. :)

lavenderdiva said...

What the hey? I really believe it has to be water weight from the sodium intake. Gulp the water down today, and flush all that crap out. I have every confidence (in you) that you will see your 119 goal long before 2/12. That's 18 days from today to lose 5.1lbs. That's MORE than doable. Just eat clean, drink lots of water, and concentrate on healing you! I imagine you are still carrying an iddy biddy bit of swelling (read water weight) from the surgery-- even though you have a figure to die for!!

Hang in there, friend- hugs to you.

Lis said...

yep, yep, yep.... Christy and LD are right! What about those apple/cheese days? Have you tried that?? 18 days is a long time - you'll get there, I have no doubt!!

helderheid said...

Thanks guys. I drank a ton of green tea today... please think releasing thoughts. :)