Thursday, January 14, 2010

hey you

First, this link works now:

Second, a quick update on my recovery.

I showed homes today! A sure sign I am on the mend. I am also wearing my size 4s.

Okay, so my healing. My tummy is almost flat. Soon I'll do a bikini pic so you can see for yourselves.

My breast is still sporting that purple bandaid. I wish that spot where the infected stitch was would close.

Sensitivity - left breast, nothing below the top of the nipple. I hate that my nipple is "dead". Right breast, nipple has feeling (YEAH!!!) but nothing below it does. Time for a tattoo?? Hee hee!

I will weigh in on my birthday... or the day after. Let's not ruin my day. I then get to exercise. I CAN'T WAIT.

Still haven't ordered the HCG. Will. It will make me feel safe.



lavenderdiva said...

Hey you! You sound fabulous! Just a note on the sensitivity: I was numb for a few months after my surgery (my incision was around the lower part of each areola). At different times, I would notice this sudden, shooting 'pinching' feeling, on either side of my boobs. I couldn't figure out what it was, but when I told my Dr. about it, he told me that was my nerves regenerating. Within a year post surgery, I had full feeling back in both boobs.

Many hugs to you-

Lis said...

4"s! Very cool! Same for lippo that I had a number of years ago, and exactly the same symtoms that Lavenderdiva posted. Its a very strange feeling! A tattoo might be just the thing! :)

Nick and Meg said...

Hi! my hcg blog is private (too keep it from my family), but I would love your input, if you don't mind! I'm beginning the journey that you are pretty much done with and would love advice/help/opinions, etc that you can offer. my web address is and my email address is me know! :) I am so proud of you and your successes! It's fun to follow your blog and see how great you are doing! :)
Megan in Utah

Jen Payne said...

That is awesome! I was wondering about the sensitivity issues myself. I left you a post on my blog, and I need some input when you get a minute :)

Thanks again and congrats!!