Saturday, January 23, 2010

I already bought the steaks...

I've heard that one day a week of just throwing caution to the wind can sometimes recharge your metabolism when dieting. Well, that was my logic last night... not so sure how I feel about it this morning though...

We had pizza and if I bought a side order of something, the delivery fee would be waived so I ordered hot wings. My husband had 1 wing... I ate the other... 9 wings!  That on top of the 2 slices of pizza with extra cheese. What on earth was I thinking? Oh, that's right! I WASN'T since we were also drinking wine! GAH!

What did it cost me?

2 pounds.

Now granted, I know I didn't actually gain 2 pounds as I didn't consume an extra 7,000 calories and this is water weight that can be easily corrected. Needless to say, it's filet mignon for dinner and nothing else! Hopefully that whole theory is a good one and we'll see me getting closer to 117 in the next few weeks. One day a week of crazy makes the rest of the week of P3 type foods a lot easier to stomach, so to speak. I'm sure those of you on P2/P3 want to slap me right now! Sorry!

I have a little work to do today and then I need to venture out on the icy roads to Victoria Secret where I have a gift card for my birthday from my in-laws for $75! I need new bras desperately!

Hope you're having a wonderful day! I'm looking forward to your updates!


lavenderdiva said...

Don't worry about it- everyone needs a space in time to just let go and enjoy themselves! it sounds like you had a good time, and enjoyed your get-together, and were enjoying the wings, pizza, & wine! Good for you! Those couple of lbs will come off pronto- The good thing about hcg is knowing we have a way to get rid of those lbs!

I really like the idea of throwing caution to the wind one day a week, and enjoying yourself to the max. Then returning to sanity and eating healthy. That is a way to make it work for the rest of our lives, IMHO. You have an outlet and a release, and can really look forward to enjoying yourself that one day, then get back on track.

Tell me, when you do a steak day, do you only eat 1 of the Costco filet mignons? Or do you eat more? At our Costco here, they are beautiful cuts, but the size looks about 8-10ozs per filet. They put 4 filets in the package.

Be careful on those icy roads in your anticipation and eagerness to get to Victoria's Secret for new bras!! How much fun is that!!!!

love to you-

Lis said...

Wine.... pizza.... wings.... oh the anticipation! :) Glad that you let loose and had some fun! Your steak day will correct the splurge, no problemo! I really like the idea of a hog wild day once a week. It would be enough to keep the crazy cravings at bay.

Enjoy shopping at VS. I usually hated clothes and bra shopping, but recently its not so bad. I'll bet this will be a fun trip for You!

Enjoy your day!

helderheid said...

Thanks both of you! LD, I eat 2 of the steaks which is nice, as I have 1 at 3 and the other for dinner so I'm never REALLY hungry. :)

I'll model what I bought soon!!