Friday, January 22, 2010

Too much, too soon.

The good news? A loss of .7 bringing me down to 121.1, so just 4 pounds to go to get to my goal. The bad news? Too much yoga too soon, even though it was considered "light". The doctor warned me that if I pushed it and felt fluid build up to wear the sucky-in garment thing until it flattened back out. My tummy, although still very flat, is a little puffy today and the skin feels very tight so I'm putty that sucky in thing back on and taking it easy. This is a forever thing - I can wait a while to start back to work outs. I will not hurt myself.

Not sure about today, diet wise. A couple co-workers of my husband are coming over tonight for tarot readings and I said I'd provide pizza or Chinese food if they brought the wine. If we do pizza, I could do a low carb day and just eat the cheese. Chinese would probably be a disaster but it sounds sooooooooooooo good right now! Oh what to do...

Have a wonderful, peaceful, happy day!


lavenderdiva said...

Slow down is right- Don't overdo it just yet. I know you are eager to get back to feeling normal, and doing all the things you love, but that will happen in time. Your body is still healing.

Do you read tarot? That is waaaayyyy cool! How did you learn?

Can't help with pizza or chinese: they both sound good to me! Could you make a cauliflower-crust pizza for you, and order pizza for your guests, so you wouldn't feel like you were 'cheating', and you all would be eating the same thing?

love to you-

helderheid said...

I'm definitely poofy today :( However, the weight loss was post pushing it so maybe I lost more than the scale says.

I hadn't thought about doing that with the pizza... that may be just the trick!

Love ya!

Lis said...

LD is right - take it easy girl! :) Nice call on the cauliflower crust!

DH and I are going over to my friends for the football games Sunday and it will be WAAAAY tempting to cheat - its why Ive been a hermit since I started. I have not figured out how to socialize in P2. I'll probbaly bring veggies that are ok and eat too many of those!

Have fun Helderheid - tarot is awesome!