Friday, March 19, 2010

20 minutes of yoga, 30 minutes of Wii Fit, and 40 minutes of pilates!

That and chunky vegetable soup with a little grated gouda on top, half a leftover steak, frozen strawberries, a lemon, and shepherd's pie for dinner. :)

I am meeting the woman at the clinic tomorrow morning. I will report after that meeting.

I feel TERRIFIC. I forgot what a high I get from exercising! I am especially excited about the pilates. I am convinced that is going to totally sculpt my body. I'd done it in past. It was like riding a bike. I felt it in my butt, inner and outer thighs, tummy, and arms. Now if I can just keep this UP! :D



Christy in Seattle said...

congrats, and best of luck regarding the job! :)

Jen Payne said...

I know exactly how you feel! I need to try the pilates. I think I would really like it. The clinic called me and I will be there tomorrow morning at 10:30, so maybe I will see you there!! Thanks so much for passing on my info. :)

helderheid said...

Thanks so much Christy! You have been such an inspiration.

Jen, that's GREAT! I'll be in at 11:30 tomorrow. Hey, maybe we should grab some lunch tomorrow. What do you think? Oh, and if you want to do pilates, you're more than welcome to work out at my gym (my living room) with me! I just got the latest Windsor Pilates DVD set. It's fantastic! 10 different 20 minute workouts.

lavenderdiva said...

Do you have to have special equipment to do the Windsor Pilates? Is it hard? I want to learn Pilates, but I don't know how, or where to start. Is this for beginners, or do they have a beginners DVD?

I'm so glad you feel so great today after your work out! You're off to a great start.

Good luck tomorrow morning- You'd better post about it, 'cuz I'm really excited for you!! You're gonna do fantastic; its a perfect fit!!

helderheid said...

They sell the equipment on their site and I have to say, it's worth it! I did this when I had a VCR and at that time, they didn't offer the resistance equipment. All the exercises have a beginner option. GO FOR IT!

Anonymous said...

I completely understand the high from working out! I can't wait to see pics of your transformation.

nikkispower said...

Great workout!
Hm, I'm getting curious about pilates now!

Lis said...

Me too Nikki! I need to tone now that I am thinner - the loose skin is not so attractive! :) I am going to check it out too!